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A La Carte

December 15, 2011

First up, I’ve got some more Kindle deals for you. This is pretty much the rest of the Shepherd Press catalog, all marked down to $1.99. There are some really good books in the list. Red Like Blood by Joe Coffee and Bob Bevington, Christ Formed in You by Brian Hedges, When Sinners Say ‘I Do’ by Dave Harvey, Get Outta My Face by Rick Horne, Herein Is Love: Genesis by Nancy Ganz, A Proverbs Driven Life by Anthony Selvaggio, Everyday Talk by John Younts, Lost in the Middle by Paul David Tripp, Get Wisdom by Ruth Younts. (All these other deals remain as well)

Encourage Your Husband - Jared Wilson has a helpful little blog post in which he shares 5 ways that women can encourage their husbands.

The Lure of Rome - “Last month, Westminster Seminary California’s Office Hours podcast spoke with Ligonier Teaching Fellow, Dr. Robert Godfrey, about why evangelicals and other Protestants become Roman Catholic and how we should respond.” In a similar vein, this article from Gospel Coalition is an interesting read.

5 Signs You’re Borrowing Too Much - TIME: “They’re ba-ack. Like the ghosts in Poltergeist, shoppers have returned this holiday season and they are threatening to stir up a familiar demon—debts they can’t repay.”

Climate Change - I got a laugh from this cleverly sarcastic article: “Canada Officially Withdraws From Unenforceable, Unheeded Climate Change Pact.”

Maybe I Do Want Topical Preaching - Jonathan Leeman calls for relevance and application in expositional preaching in this light-hearted article.

It is more honor to bury an injury than to revenge it. —Thomas Watson

December 14, 2011

Peter’s Denials - “Regarding Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s denial and the ensuing narrative that describes the denial, Matthew, Luke, and John disagree with Mark in such a way that seems like an irreconcilable contradiction: both accounts logically cannot be true. No commentary has provided a satisfying explanation. Can anyone? Should this interfere with our belief that the Scripture is inerrant?”

Listen to the Bible - ChristianAudio is offering their audio Bibles at 50% off. That puts the ESV down to less than $15. There are other translations as well.

Praying Friends - R.C. Sproul Jr’s wife is gravely ill. Please be in prayer for R.C. and his family.

Picking Songs for Church - Mark Altrogge writes about how to pick songs to sing in church. “What criteria should we use?  Should we pick songs simply because they feel good or move us emotionally?  Should we pick them because they give us some kind of ‘worship experience’?”

Standards for President - Randy Alcorn: “On the one hand, we should be acutely aware that every candidate is imperfect. We will be voting for a president, not a pastor, and certainly not a Messiah. We must hold fully to the biblical standards of leadership when it comes to appointing church leaders. Depending on the candidates, when it comes to politicians, it is possible if not likely that not all of the biblical qualifications will be met. That troubles me, but it is a reality we must face.”

Oh, that the Lord would come! He is coming! He is on the road and travelling quickly. The sound of his approach should be as music to our hearts!C.H. Spurgeon

December 13, 2011

Air France 447 - This is an absolutely gripping and terrifying account of the last minutes of Air France flight 447 which disappeared over the Atlantic a couple of years ago. “Two years after the Airbus 330 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, Air France 447’s flight-data recorders finally turned up. The revelations from the pilot transcript paint a surprising picture of chaos in the cockpit, and confusion between the pilots that led to the crash.”

A Friends Christmas - If you are a Friend of the Blog, there are several new offers for you to take advantage of.

Jacob’s Story - “Jacob’s Story is a mini-documentary about a man that once made his living by trafficking women & children for the purposes of commercial sex. … Jacob is living proof that when the Gospel changes the hearts of men; everything changes.” (You will likely want to treat the film as PG-13)

Goodnight iPad - Here is a classic children’s book re-imagined for a digital age.

Books & Culture - Books & Culture continues the tradition of making their book of the year, a book I’ve never heard of. This one sounds good: God Is Red: The Secret Story of How Christianity Survived and Flourished in Communist China.

Yemen - One thing about this short persecution update caught my attention: “Estimates are there are only 100 Yemeni believers in this poverty-stricken country of 22 million.”

There’s plenty to laugh at in the world—but be sure you don’t laugh at something that God takes seriously. —A.W. Tozer

December 12, 2011

There are a lot of notable Kindle deals you’ll want to make a note of. Randy Alcorn’s Money, Possessions and Eternity is free. It’s a book well worth reading. My own Sexual Detox is still at $0.99. Also from Cruciform you can get all of the following for $2.99: Awaiting a Savior by Aaron Armstrong, Grieving, Hope and Solace by Albert Martin, Smooth Stones by Joe Coffey, But God… by Casey Lute, The Organized Heart by Staci Eastin, and Intentional Parenting by Tad Thompson. From Shepherd Press at $1.79 you can get Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Instructing a Child’s Heart, and Don’t Make Me Count to Three. Finally, you can get Piper’s Brothers We Are Not Professionals for $1.99.

Writing a Good Sympathy Card - Here’s one to bookmark for when you need it: “Since my mother’s death, two years ago this past Saturday, I have radically altered the way I write in sympathy cards. I now know more fully the pain that death brings into our lives and, having received so many impacting words of comfort from others, am convinced I will never write in a card the same way I did before.”

The Ardent Sparrow - My friend Becky has opened her jewelry store (by popular demand!) and is offering some great Christmas gift ideas. Guys, be sure to check out the ring of the month or studs of the month clubs. There are several gifts there that don’t require shipping, which means you’re guaranteed to have them by Christmas.

Heaven & Hell - Greg Koukl discusses those who claim to have visited heaven or hell. I appreciate how he goes right to the issue of authority (and does so tactfully).

NYC Churches - “ ‘Don’t Leave Our Church Homeless’ read the signs distributed during Thursday’s press conference outside New York City Hall. More than 60 churches in New York meet in public schools for their Sunday services. When the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear their appeal this week, the churches learned they will need to find a new location before February 12.”

Monergism Books - Monergism Books has a couple of good deals for you. 50 of you can get the audiobook of The Prince’s Poison Cup for free. Well, 49 now. You might also like to browse through their items that are between 50 and 59 percent off and see what bargains are there.

God, in mercy, will never allow children of his to be comfortable in sin. —Will Metzger

December 10, 2011

Digital Childhood - Dr. Mohler writes about the rise of the digital childhood. “The easiest way to infuriate the young is to lean into nostalgia. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to be nostalgic for a childhood in which the basic equipment for elementary school was pretty much limited to notebooks, pencils, and an occasional ruler. Those days are long gone.”

Top 10 Photos of 2011 - Here is a roundup of the 10 best photographs of 2011 according to National Geographic’s editors.

Top 10 Books of 2011 - And from the New York Times, here are the top 10 books of the year. As usual, I haven’t read any of them. I do think, though, that I’ll check out The Boy in the Moon as it sounds really interesting.

The King’s English - Now you can travel through the Bible, phrase by phrase, with this daily devotional from the King’s English—a blog I’ve enjoyed reading through 2011.

Just Friends? - This is a really interesting video where a guy asks a bunch of people whether it’s possible for men and women to be just friends.

Finding Oregon - Another amazing timelapse video.

We must wrestle earnestly in prayer, like men contending with a deadly enemy for life. —J.C. Ryle

December 09, 2011

O Night Divine - You may enjoy reading the backstory to the world’s worst rendition of “O Holy Night.” You may also enjoy listening to it. Or not.

Better Christmas Music - For some better Christmas music, you may want to keep an eye on Nate Fancher’s site as he is going to be releasing some free Christmas songs over the next few days.

A Complementarian Junia - Denny Burk looks at Scot McKnight’s little book Junia Is Not Alone, a defense of egalitarianism.

An Interview - Women Alive recently interviewed me about living in a high-tech world. If you’re interested, that interview has now been posted online (in written format).

Quiet Time in a Mother’s Life - This is a helpful article from The Briefing. “There are two things you can be sure of with motherhood (or life, really). The first is that God won’t change. The second is that everything else will. Just when you think you’ve found the one, true solution – the cure for sleepless nights, or disorganization, or prayerlessness – circumstances shift sideways.”

The People Who Hate Tebow - Columnist Chuck Klosterman has written a really interesting article trying to figure out Tim Tebow. I agree with Denny Burk who writes, “I don’t think that Tebow’s defiance of the odds in football games is what’s the most remarkable thing about him. What’s remarkable is that he behaves like a regenerate person in the midst of a professional culture that revels in debauchery. Having said that, it is wrong to interpret Tebow’s victories on the field as the reward for his behavior. That could all change at any moment.”

The sinner, apart from grace, is unable to be willing and unwilling to be able. —W.E. Best

December 08, 2011

Because this was a late addition to yesterday’s A La Carte, I wanted to mention it again. Shepherd Press has several of their books on sale in Kindle format; they are just $1.79 each. Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Instructing a Child’s Heart, Don’t Make Me Count to Three have all been marked down for a limited time. I think we’ll see some other deals from Shepherd Press in the near future, so stay tuned.

While on the subject of Amazon, they’ve got a lot of their Melissa & Doug products marked down by 50% today only. In a day when most toys are pretty much built to last a week, their toys are the happy exception; my girls have always loved them.

Debates - Though I haven’t been able to listen to them yet, I’ve heard that these debates are interesting. In the first Edgar Andrews debates atheist Robert Stovold on the question ‘What created the universe?’ while in the second he tangles with Lewis Wolpert, Emeritus Professor of Biology at University College London and Vice President of the British Humanist Association.

What I’ve Learned from Cancer - This needs to come with a language warning. It’s a pensive and sad and still-rebellious article from Christopher Hitchens as he battles cancer.

Pearl Harbour - These are some moving photos from the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbour.

Defusing an Argument - Paul Tautges shares “some transition sentences that may help you when you’re attempting to resolve conflicts with your wife. The list may be personalized according to the need of the moment (Eph 4:29).” They should print these on a wallet-sized card!

A Tale of Two Grandfathers - I admit to bias, but I really enjoyed this article about 2 of my great grandfathers and the differences between them (not to mention the ultimate spiritual impact on my own life).

Adoption gives us the privilege of sons, regeneration the nature of sons. —Stephen Charnock

December 07, 2011

Shepherd Press eBooks - Shepherd Press has many of their books on sale in Kindle format; they are just $1.79 each. Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Instructing a Child’s Heart, Don’t Make Me Count to Three have all been marked down for a limited time.

The Size of the Universe - WIRED takes a shot at helping us picture the size of the observable universe. Turns out it’s really, really big. “To try imagining how big, place a penny down in front of you. If our sun were the size of that penny, the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, would be 350 miles away. Depending on where you live, that’s very likely in the next state (or possibly country) over.”

Does Tech Feed Self-Centered Control? - One of the true joys of writing a book is seeing how other people interact with it and improve upon it. Paul Tautges has been doing just that. He looks at a particular bit of the book and says, “Let’s counsel ourselves by asking 8 idol-shattering questions about the love of control…”

Google: Behind the Numbers - Infographic du jour. Turns out that Google is big, too (but not quite as big as the universe).

Darwinism and the Next Generation - I enjoyed this article from Sean McDowell. I don’t advocate Intelligent Design, but what he says about Darwinism and materialism is really good.

Malcolm Gladwell: Collected - How did I not know about this set of books? Gladwell is an amazing author and these books are beautifully designed and illustrated.

Don’t Strive to Be Great - This is some great advice for preachers: don’t strive to be great. “What I am arguing against is the actual attempt to develop into a preacher with a reputation for being so unusually wonderful that people flock to you. There is a fine line here, to be sure: typically, gifted men attract larger audiences. Nothing wrong with that per se.”

Faithfulness is our business; fruitfulness is an issue that we must be content to leave with God. —J.I. Packer