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A La Carte

August 08, 2007
Wednesday August 8, 2007 Bible Material for Children
Ray Van Neste has posted the notes from a recent seminar he led on Bible materials for children (HT:JT)
Interview with Conrad Mbewe
Martin Downes has an interview with Conrad Mbewe, pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia.
Worldview Matters
Al Mohler uses the European culture wars to show the worldview matters.
We made it to Atlanta safe and sound. We drove almost 1000 miles in sixteen hours and made it one day. The kids were as good as we could have hoped for. Thanks for your prayers.
August 07, 2007
Tuesday August 7, 2007 Updated Conference List
I just updated the list of Reformed conferences with at least 8 or 10 new ones. Be sure to check to see if a good conference is coming to your town!
Responding to Rabbi Kushner
John Piper took some time to respond to Rabbi Kushner who was recently interview about the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis.
Outing the Atheists
Dr. Mohler has an article discussing Richard Dawkins’s new “OUT” campaign which seeks to convince atheists to declare themselves as such.
The ATM in the Church Lobby
TIME magazine has a short article about ATMs in church lobbies and their increasing influenced due to new IRS rules. “Specially designed ATMs at church will help document such spur-of-the-moment cash gifts, as well as planned giving. ”
By the time you read this I should be well on my way to Atlanta. I am driving my family down there today since my sister is getting married in Chattanooga on the weekend (I have family in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and a town immediately between the two). I’d appreciate prayers for traveling mercies since we’ve got almost 1,000 miles to drive before nightfall.
August 06, 2007
Monday August 6, 2007 It’s Worse to Walk Than Drive
A leading environmentalist has figured out that walking does more than driving to cause global warming. It turns out there is more damage done by growing the food you need to make that walk than in the pollutants from your car.
The Atheist Who Thought He Was God
Scott Adams, who writes the comic strip Dilbert, has had some interesting posts lately dealing with atheism.
The Duggars Welcome #17
The Duggar family of Arkansas (you’ve seen them on several TV specials) just welcomed their 17th child into the world. And they’re not done yet.
Discernment: Prerequisite for Spiritual Growth
Yesterday Lydia posted a quote from my book. She can do that because she is my editor and just happens to be editing it at the moment…
Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife
This is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife. “As awesome as it is ridiculous, this incredible triumph of engineering is packed with 85 fully functional implements and is said to have over 100 functions. Why? Well, why not?”
August 03, 2007
Friday August 3, 2007 Phillips Talks Schooling
Rick Phillips has some interesting things to say about fundamentalism and educational choices.
New From Sovereign Grace Music
Bob Kauflin writes about the new CD from Mark and Stephen Altrogge and asks them a couple of questions about it.
New From Keith Green
The Christian Post reports that some unreleased Keith Green music is going to be available soon.
Can Satan Hear Your Thoughts?
John MacArthur answers a question about whether or not Satan can hear our thoughts.
Missions and Ordination
Jesse reflects on what he learned in a field of sugar cane and on his recent ordination.
Twenty Years for the Rykens
Reflecting on twenty years of marriage, Phil Ryken shares the story of meeting and marrying his wife.
August 02, 2007

Thursday August 2, 2007

Milestones: Thabiti reflects on his first year as pastor of First Baptist Church in Grand Cayman.

Contest: Clothing designer Christa Taylor is having a contest that offers on lucky woman the “opportunity to win $150 of cute, chic, Christa Taylor merchandise!”

Piper: The Desiring God blog offers more on the color of Jesus AND a reflection on the collapse of that bridge in Minneapolis.

Books: BeliefNet offers an interview with “Christian” “Bishop” Jordan who advocates the wonders of The Secret. “So, we are co-creators with our Heavenly Father. If he himself did not create more creators, then he Himself is no creator. You have the potential to be everything God is. You can begin to create. You can begin to know.”

Books: Dan over at TeamPyro has a list of book titles he is still waiting for.

August 01, 2007

August 1, 2007

Abortion: Russell Moore has a post about “A Man, an Abortion, a Gospel.”

Humor: Lisa shares a rather hilarious episode.

Islam: Over at Slate Christopher Hitchens wants to know why we are so scared of offending Muslims.

Church: Richard Phillips shares some of the horror of the recent Christian Booksellers’ Association convention. “It sure was encouraging to see that Liz Curtis Higgs has followed up her groundbeaking “Bad Girls of the Bible,” and “Really Bad Girls of the Bible,” with the upcoming release “Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible.” I think we have now covered that important and edifying theme adequately.”

Apparel: If you blog you probably need one of these.

July 31, 2007

Tuesday July 31, 2007

Film: A new movie, “The Ten,” releases this Friday and is an attempt to spoof the Ten Commandments.

Prayer: Timmy Brister would like you to join him in praying for Dr. Tom Nettles. “Dr. Nettles developed pneumonia shortly after the Spring semester ended. As he began to get over the pneumonia, ulcers were found on his vocal chords which has severely affected his ability to speak…”

Liveblogging: This week is the Baptist History Celebration in Charleston and Kim Davidson will be blogging it.

Jesus: Joe Carter disagrees with John Piper on what color Jesus should be.

July 30, 2007

Monday July 30, 2007

Church: Trevin Wax discusses the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus” asks whether this phrase helps or hinders evangelism.

Culture: Peggy Noonan says that we live in an age of great wealth but of lousy manners. And I would tend to agree.

Homosexuality: Dr. Mohler’s most recent commentary is worth reading as he writes about the normalization of homosexuality and how this conflicts with man’s natural morality.

Du Jour: Lifehacker shares a good productivity tip, courtesy of Jerry Seinfeld.

July 20, 2007

Friday July 20, 2007

Personal: I am taking some time off next week, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing daily updates of A La Carte. Just so you know…

Money: Ben Stein wants us to know that it isn’t easy being rich (or as rich as he is, anyways). “This belief, that having a lot of money is going to drastically change our lives for the better, might well be called the root of almost all civilized Western and Eastern (and Northern and Southern) life. Being rich will solve everything, or so the popular mind tells us.”

Technology: A team of Canadians have solved the game of checkers. Where’s the fun in playing a game that has been solved?

July 19, 2007

Thursday July 19, 2007

Books: The NY Times has an early review of the new Harry Potter. “With each installment, the Potter series has grown increasingly dark, and this volume … is no exception.” “Ms. Rowling has fitted together the jigsaw puzzle pieces of this long undertaking with Dickensian ingenuity and ardor.”

Politics: Obama says “sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is ‘age-appropriate,’ is ‘the right thing to do.’”

Humor: Pecadillo shares a strange story and shows that he shares my dislike for cats, evil creatures that they are.

Du Jour: Timmy Brister writes about being “a Misfit in a World of Impermanence.” Well worth the read, this one.