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A La Carte

April 15, 2011

Again, I apologize for the lack of blogging over the past 3 days. I had assumed that I would have lots of things to blog about at The Gospel Coalition. Instead I found myself running around with barely any chance to write. But as of today things should pretty much be back to normal.

Terminal - This is a powerful article from a man whose daughter has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. “We have discovered some significant abnormalities on the brain.” The most frightful statement a doctor can say to a father about his daughter…”

Japan One Month Later - A photo essay from The Big Picture.

Is Hell Dead? - TIME’s cover story this month is on hell. Not surprisingly, it has a lot to say about Rob Bell and that whole controversy. Dr. Mohler covers it on his blog.

Kindle DX - The Kindle DX is on sale today only at Amazon (it’s the big Kindle).

A Wolf to Avoid? - John MacArthur asks if Rob Bell is a brother to embrace or a wolf to avoid. “If Christopher Hitchens or Deepak Chopra penned a book that scoffed at the biblical teaching on hell, we would not be surprised. So why would anyone be shocked or confused when Rob Bell writes Love Wins? Has Bell shown any more commitment to gospel truth, or any more devotion to the principle of biblical authority than Hitchens or Chopra?”

Timelapse - This is pretty cool. A guy pointed his camera out the window of an airplane and captured some great images of the aurora borealis.

Happier to be chained in a dungeon with a Paul than reign in the palace with an Ahab.C.H. Spurgeon

April 12, 2011

Before The Next Story released I had a few people send emails to tell me not to link to reviews of the book. They thought this could only be done in arrogance. I disagree. I think (and hope) it’s not pride that leads me to link to reviews. I see it as a form of gratitude to those who took the time to read the book and pen a review. So here are two more: The Gospel Coalition Reviews and David Steele. Both are really encouraging. I know I keep saying that, but seriously, I am surprised and humbled at the positive reception I am seeing. Also, the book should now finally be available (in printed format) at Amazon. I know some have been waiting…

And now, on to the links…

What Is a Reformed Baptist? - Though I consider myself one, I’ve asked the same question. Mike Dewalt links to a list of potential answers.

Sigh No More - I’ve found Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons a particularly intriguing album. This review at Plugged In puts into words some of what I’m feeling.

A Warm Blanket - Here is a preview of the first post-Charles Schultz Peanuts cartoon.

Happy Birthday Jake - Greg Lucas writes about his son turning 18. “If I had a hundred lives to live, I would live every one of them as Jake’s dad, and I would choose to stand in no other place…rather, I would choose to run in no other race, than the perfect providence of God’s great grace.”

Useless - This is an interesting short film. A wee bit cliche, but still good. Note: the word damn is used once.

Old Cell Phone - They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Let family worship be short, savoury, simple, plain, tender, heavenly. —Richard Cecil

April 11, 2011

The Next Story - I believe this is the last day you can order The Next Story ebook at the heavily discounted price. So don’t dawdle. While we’re on the subject, David Murray has made up a really interesting post with some of his reflections on the book, including questions he’s been asking himself while reading it.

Victory in Disgrace - This is a powerful testimony to God’s healing grace.

Infographics - A small collection: Languages that are tough to learn for English-speakers; cohabitation nation; 50 years in space.

Gospel Coalition - The plenary sessions of the Gospel Coalition Conference will be live-streamed at Desiring God’s site.

Jesus Would Believe in Evolution - The problems with this blog post are many. They are also quite easy to spot.

Earth Art - After I posted a link to some “earth art” a few days ago, a reader forwarded me this site. It has some stunning photographs on display.

Know What’s In It - I appreciate the point of this article: don’t just know how to defend the Bible, but be sure you also know what’s in it.

Prank - Because Monday morning is a good time for a laugh.

A meek person is not necessarily indecisive or timid. He is not so unsure of himself that he could be push over by a hard slap from a wet noodle!D.A. Carson

April 09, 2011

Rwanda Genocide - This is an interesting article from the BBC that tells about an orphanage and a couple of unsung heroes. “A modest building that now houses around 150 children, it played a key role in protecting some of those those caught up in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide, in which more than 800,000 people were killed in 100 days.”

Earth as Art - I may have posted this before. Either way, it’s worth looking at again.

Heresy or Hobby? - David Murray shares an email he received that offers some sound advice on reading.

Dora the Doormat - Mary Kassian, who has been called an “uber-complementarian” (which isn’t meant as a compliment) writes about several straw women when it comes to gender roles.

WWJD - Though the fad has long since ended, the thinking still exists. In this article Bob Glenn offers seven reasons that the WWJD mentality may be more sinister than it appears.

The Next Story - Josh Buice is writing a thorough (and thoroughly encouraging) review of my book.

The Simplest, Most Complex Commercial - I don’t much care what they’re selling; I want one just to reward their hard work.

The severest self-denials and the most lavish gifts are of no value in God’s esteem unless they are prompted by love.A.W. Pink

April 08, 2011

It appears that quite a few of you decided to buy a copy of Written in Tears, the book I reviewed a couple of days ago. Amazon sold out, but you can still buy it at CBD if interested. Or, of course, it’s still available in Kindle and other ebook formats. I’d love to hear from some of you who bought it: Did you enjoy it as much as I did?

Cruciform @ TGC - Cruciform Press will be at Gospel Coalition. Here are details if you want to track us down.

The Next Story - For a limited time Ligonier has put my book on sale for $11.50 which I believe is the lowest price you’ll find right now. You may also want to check out their $5 Friday deals.

Uganda 2011 - Last year I did an interview with Jeff Anderson who began an exciting and unique ministry in Uganda. At the link you can read an update on teaching the book of Colossians to 20,000 people.

The Joy Eternal - The Joy Eternal is a band with a new EP out called A Sweet and Bitter Providence. As you may have surmised, it is based on John Piper’s book of the same title. Here is a video introduction if you’re interested.

Mad Men and the Judgment of God - I enjoyed this article by Russell Moore. Don’t read this as an endorsement of Mad Men since I haven’t watched the show (and, by all accounts, probably shouldn’t).

Flower Power - This is for those of us who dwell in parts of the world that are refusing to warm up.

Moving Romeward - Carl Trueman takes a shot at answering why some of the reasons that evangelicals may convert to Catholicism.

The Magnitude of His Mercy - Here is a trailer for a recent documentary.

[E]very comfort that the saints have in this world is an earnest penny to them of those eternal mercies that the Lord has provided for them. —Jeremiah Burroughs

April 07, 2011

This is a writing kind of day. I’ve got a blog post to write, plus a couple of magazine articles, plus a couple of assignments for a course I’m taking. Plus a few other things. Caffeine will be my near-constant companion.

Remembering Linsi - A great read: “On 9 February 2011 Dr Robert Stanley Lindsay went to be with the Lord, aged 83. Dr Steve Lee, who served at Kapsowar Hospital, looks back at Dr Lindsay’s service with AIM and the lasting impact of his work.”

Mother’s Day Is Coming - Looking for a great Mother’s Day gift? Check out this Etsy shop, owned and operated by a friend of mine. You can get 15% off your entire order when you spend $40 or more (before shipping). Enter the coupon code “CHALLIES15” during checkout. Offer valid until April 15, 2011.

@ True Woman - I was recently interviewed by Paula Hendricks of True Woman on issues related to technology, and specifically as they pertain to women.

Will Heaven Be Intolerable? - “Christopher Hitchens is battling stage 4 cancer of the oesophagus. ‘And the thing to note about stage 4,’ he observes dryly in a recent interview, ‘is that there is no stage 5.’ As a passionate atheist, he doesn’t believe in an afterlife. Which makes the prospect of death all the more frightening to him:”

Turco - I’m not much of a hockey fan, but I enjoyed this story.

The Ivey Family - A new short film from Deidox.

He is much happier that is always content, though he has ever so little, than he that is always coveting, though he has ever so much. —Matthew Henry

April 06, 2011

Why We Need Jane Austen - I love it! “I must admit that I was not trained in an English department so I am hampered to the extent that I’m rather inept at reading great works of literature for their sublimated eroticism, their homo-erotic subtexts, and covert commentaries on sexual, racial, and economic oppression. It is, then, with apologies to those who know better that I read literature as a naïve lover of a good story, good writing, and commentary on the unchanging human condition.”

Discernment Without Anger - How can you be discerning without being angry all the time? It’s a good and fair question, I think.

Radical Sacrifice - Trevin Wax writes about David Platt and James MacDonald’s recent “Elephant Room” session. “The MacDonald/Platt discussion was tense at times, perhaps because the practical ramifications of how we think about money always hit close to home.” TWax breaks it down.

How Much to Give & Save - Randy Alcorn on how much to give and how much to save. I love that guy.

Prenatal Development - A case against abortion.

That anger is without sin that is against sin. —Thomas Watson

April 05, 2011

The Resolutions Poster - I like this—a poster that lists Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions. “In addition to spurring you on to good works by displaying the timeless tenets of one of America’s most famous preachers, Jonathan Edwards, it will also help other Christians pursue a more godly life, as all proceeds will be used to pay for tuition, books and other education-related expenses for fellow believers wishing to attend the prestigious Ligonier Academy.”

Desktop Wallpaper - In case you missed it on the weekend, here are some free wallpapers to pretty up your desktop (or iPhone or iPad or…) this month.

KJV@400 - I haven’t been able to listen to these messages yet, but they sound intriguing—Leland Ryken discussing the impact of the KJV 400 years later.

Koran Burning - Veith: “Terry Jones, that Florida preacher, went ahead and burned a copy of the Koran, even though he had said that he wouldn’t.   So a mob in Afghanistan killed seven UN workers. Many more foreigners were injured and there are reports of other deaths in other incidents. See this vivid account.”

Mormon Prophets - An interesting article from USA Today. “Mormon President Thomas S. Monson, his two right-hand men and 12 apostles will take to the podium at this weekend’s General Conference and offer sermons that many Mormons will treat like faxes from God.”

The Hiding Place - The Hiding Place is this month’s free download at ChristianAudio.

Come Ye Sinners - “Come Ye Sinners” Indelible Grace style…

None but God knows what an abyss of corruption is in my heart. —Robert Murray M’Cheyne