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June 04, 2011

Let me get things started with some Kindle book deals. These deals have been coming in fast and furious over the past few days; I’ve been tweeting them but also wanted to publish them here. Publishers really seem to be pushing the Kindle and we are all happy beneficiaries of their experiments. Here are a few exceptional deals:

Sold to a Brothel - Tragic. “M. is an ebullient girl, age 10, who ranks near the top of her fourth-grade class and dreams of being a doctor. Yet she, like all of India, is at a turning point, and it looks as if her family may instead sell her to a brothel.”

The Great Cloud of Witnesses - J.C. Ryle and Andrew Peterson make an appearance together in this blog post.

Free Audio - This month’s free audio book from ChristianAudio is Joni Eareckson Tada’s A Place of Healing.

Oprah’s 10 Moments - This article outlines Oprah’s 10 most important moments on television.

The Office, Day 1 - Mark Altrogge seems to be enjoying his new office. “I enter my office.  Boxes strewn everywhere.  One of the secretaries started to arrange my commentaries but quit because she didn’t know my ‘system.’  My system’s so complex the Dewey decimal pales in comparison.  Mine relies heavily on the book cover color and placing the most impressive books (with titles like The Death of Death in the Death of Christ by John Owen or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas) at eye level to make a good first impression.”

Moving Pictures - Here is a gallery of strangely fascinating photographs—but photographs that each have at least one moving element.

All you really need to know about guidance can be summed up in this one sentence: God is faithful, so obey him. Whether or not that seems likely to work is not your business. Being faithful to God’s revealed will is your business. —Iain Duguid (HT)

June 03, 2011

Earlier this week you voted for the product you wanted to have on sale for $5. You chose R.C. Sproul’s DVD series What Is Reformed Theology? And now, for only 24 hours, it’s at Ligonier for $5 (down from the usual price of $48). There are some other great books and DVDs there for the same price, so you may want to stock up. Go to $5 Fridays. There’s more. If you click that link you should also receive 10% off on your purchase. If you don’t see that reflected, use the coupon code “CHALLIES10” and you should get 10% off.

And here are some other good links for today:

Writing on Athanasius - Carl Trueman has a good article on Christian biography. “Hagiography - the uncritical and adulatory description of the life of a hero of the faith - is probably the most common form of popular Christian biographical writing and probably the most useful in a strictly pragmatic, results-oriented way.”

Women Ministering to Women - Thabiti has written about an upcoming conference targetted to women who are involved in ministry or who are wives of pastors. It looks like it will be a good one (and it’s by an organization I love).

100 Web Apps - This is a roundup of some amazing web apps that can do, well, pretty much everything.

4 Ways to Neutralize Your Weaknesses - This article offers some good things to think about as you consider your personal weaknesses.

Together for Adoption - The upcoming Together for Adoption National Conference has put together a really strong lineup of speakers. Registration has just opened…

10 Pieces of Seminary Advice - Patrick Schreiner has put together 10 pieces of useful advice for seminarians.

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies. —Hudson Taylor

June 02, 2011

Think - The Kindle edition of John Piper’s book Think is on sale at Amazon for just $2.99.  $2.99 will also get you the excellent book Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef while $1.99 will get you Alex Chediak’s brand new book Thriving at College.

Free Kindle Books - Those are some deeply discounted Kindle books. Here’s an article on how to get free Christian books for the Kindle.

Timmy Brister on Piper/Warren - I mentioned Timmy Brister’s blog in my article on John Piper and Rick Warren. Timmy wrote a few thoughts in a follow-up blog post.

False Prophets - Dr. Mohler begins an article on Harold Camping in this way: “Andy Warhol was wrong. Fame doesn’t last just fifteen minutes. After all, Harold Camping is still in the news, more than a week after his prophecy that the world would end on May 21 at 6:00 p.m. turned out — as expected — to be false.”

Mother-in-Law - At the True Woman blog, Erin Davis is writing about mothers-in-law. “I once heard someone say that the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the most fragile of all human relationships. If you are a MIL or a DIL, you already know this relationship can get sticky. Mothers-in-law often fulfill a role that is part mother, part friend, and part threat in the lives of their son’s wives. Daughters-in-law are not quite the same as a biological daughter, and yet they are a huge part of the make-up of the family. The result can be a lot of relational thin ice that is difficult to tread.”

Why Apple Is Doomed - This may well be true: “In Jobs, they posses the most valuable creative mind in the world. Apple is not just the latest great tech company, it is historically great, and to maintain that level without the irreplaceable taste of Steve Jobs will be impossible.”

There is no telling how much power God can put into a man.C.H. Spurgeon

June 01, 2011

God’s Been Hunting Me Down - David Murray tells what he has learned from his recent health woes. “I know that’s the main message God has been sending me through these afflictions. STOP!” There are good lessons there for all of us.

The Book Surgeon - This is amazing stuff. I think I may have linked to it before. But it’s just as amazing now. If was rich…well, if I was rich I don’t know that I could justify spending money on it. But it’s still amazing.

Deals @ WTS - Westminster Books has some good deals this week. You can check out the new Christianity Explored books and DVDs at a deep discount and also get a selection of other good books at 45 or 50% off. Click the link for details.

Buying In Bulk - This is worth considering next time you head to Costco. “Is bigger necessarily better? Not when it comes to food packaging, at least if you’re watching your weight.”

Soldiers’ Bedrooms - This is kind of tragic—a gallery of some of the bedrooms that America’s young war dead have left behind.

A YouTube Sensation - This is a slightly older story I just stumbled across in my favorites folder. “It seems an ever-more common scenario: a death is captured in a photograph or video. The images are uploaded onto the Web. Within days, thousands, if not millions, of strangers have pierced their way into a family’s grief—gawking at the final moments of a life that were never meant to be public.” 

Blog Tour - The Next Story is in the midst of a blog tour. So if you want to check out a review or two, you may want to swing by the link.

Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see. —William N. Clarke

May 31, 2011

On Friday night my son had a baseball game; we went to watch and it was cold enough out there that we broke out our winter coats. Today, factoring in the humidity, we are expecting to break 100 degrees. Canada is truly odd that way.

Wilson on Productivity - These are some good thoughts on productivity. 

Commuting and Divorce - Granting that there is a bit of an agenda behind this article, the facts are interesting enough: with a commute comes an increased likelihood of divorce. 

Fair - Ed Welch says “fair” is a 4-letter word. “It’s a child’s first sentence, perhaps a senior’s last, and it makes many appearances in between. So who would have thought that fair is a dirty word? It should never be spoken within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Heaven; it is never spoken there. You have to leave the throne room before it can be muttered.”

Technology as an Alternative to Love - This is probably worth thinking about.

Coming Home - A photo gallery from LIFE of soldiers returning from war.

Last Goodbye - In honor of Memorial Day, Christian Rapper Tedashii released this track/video from his new album (which releases today, as it happens).

Get on fire for God and men will come and see you burn. —John Wesley

May 30, 2011

Female Beauty Matters - Mary Kassian weighs in on what I wrote last week about women and physical beauty. She says it better than I did and from a strong biblical standpoint. “In my opinion, the answer to the conundrum surrounding the discussion about female beauty is not to diminish or deny its importance, but to exalt and embrace the all-surpassing beauty to which it points.”

A Ritual of Remembrance - “Every half hour, a new sentinel guards the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery with one mission: to seek perfection in remembrance.”

Do What Your Heart Tells You - It’s not good counsel, that. “This sounds so simple and liberating. It’s tempting to believe. Until you consider that your heart has sociopathic tendencies.”

The Case Against the Em Dash - It’s been a while since I’ve had a good link here for the grammar (or punctuation) geeks. I admit, I use the em dash too often—it’s a bad habit, I guess.

Childhood Hero - Conrad Mbewe writes a tribute to his childhood hero. (Don’t let the second-to-last paragraph, which deals with a disputable matter, distract from a sound article).

Monergism Deals - Monergism is the first to offer a good discount on Iain Murray’s new biography of John MacArthur.

Lightroom - Meanwhile Amazon has Adobe Lightroom on sale. It’s a great bit of software if you are into photography and today only it’s available at a really good price.

True and Better - This is good stuff from Tim Keller.

No sinner was ever saved by giving his heart to God. We are not saved by our giving, we are saved by God’s giving.A.W. Pink

May 28, 2011

My son had a baseball game last night, the first of at least 3 he is to play this weekend as part of a tournament. He was on second base and ended up on the wrong side of a triple play. I guess he’s a true baseball fan because on the way off the field he high-fived the guy on the other team who turned the play. I was proud of him. When your son inherits your lack of athletic ability, being a good teammate is your highest hope for him!

That Others May Live - “The United States military has entire units devoted exclusively to saving lost soldiers downed in hostile territory. The USAF pararescue forces have one stated mission: rescue. As a believer and a missionary, I am inspired by their motto…”

Maple Syrup Reactors Safe - “Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper addressed growing public concerns about the safety of his country’s maple syrup reactors Thursday, reassuring citizens that the sucrose fission facilities posed little risk of failure and there was absolutely no reason to be concerned.”

Live Simulcast Event - This looks like an interesting event; it is being simulcast around the world so you may be able to find a local location to take it in.

Being a Healthy Pastor - There are some good words here for pastors. 

What Song? - This is strangely fascinating. If you ever see me listening to something on my iPhone, it’s probably Max McLean. (HT:Z)

The Himalayas are the raised letters upon which we blind children put our fingers to spell out the name of God.J.H. Barrows

May 27, 2011

John Piper Interviews Rick Warren - Here is the long-awaited interview. You can read Piper’s purpose and rationale and then listen to the interview. “My aim in this interview is to bring out and clarify what Rick Warren believes about these biblical doctrines. In doing this my hope is that the thousands of pastors and lay people who look to Rick for inspiration and wisdom will see the profound place that doctrine has in his mind and heart.”

15 Killer Offices - Here are some amazing offices from various technology companies. They are amazingly creative but also surprisingly similar to one another.

Across the Great Divide - A free song for you to download.

$5 Friday - Ligonier has some good deals in their $5 Friday. Also, you can use the coupon code SPRING10 and get 10% off an order at their site. But only for another couple of days.

Six-Block Scar - “Following the devastating tornado which ripped though Joplin at the weekend, these satellite images show the extent of the damage. Before and after aerial photos show the shocking extent of the damage caused by the twister in the Missouri city - this image shows a six-block path of destruction.”

Alzheimer’s and the Gospel - From Carolyn McCulley: “A few weeks ago, I met Karyn Heath at a conference. As she spoke to me about her job caring for people with Alzheimer’s, I immediately asked her to write a guest post for my blog. This is necessary reading for all those who fear the future and those who are dealing with this disease right now.”

It is impossible for science to correct the Word of God, but it is possible for science to correct the word of the theologian. —R.C. Sproul