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A La Carte

March 22, 2007

Thursday March 22, 2007

Film: This site has a list of the web’s best free documentaries. You’ll have to choose with care, of course, but it looks like there are some good ones there.

Media: 8 of 10 Americans agree that there is too much sex, violence and profanity on TV.

Conference: I have updated the list of Reformed conferences. There are a lot coming up in the next few weeks!

Church: Benny Hinn’s organization is laying off employees because they are going to outsource their call center, including the prayer request line. Click here and scroll down.

Du Jour: In case you missed it, this article by Piper is a must-read.

March 21, 2007

Wednesday March 21, 2007

Weird: Animal rights activists in Germany want to kill a baby bear rather than have him “brought up suffering the humiliation of being treated as a domestic pet.”

Church: Trevin Wax asks some good and interesting questions about multi-site churches.

Humor: Cute. And funny.

Debate: Al Gore has been challenged to a debate. I’ve got a shiny nickel that says he won’t accept the challenge because that would be to admit that some people disagree with him.

Film: The Nativity Story is now available on DVD. Christianity Today discusses why it flopped.

Iraq: An interesting perspective on the Kurdish portion of Iraq.

Du Jour: Mark Dever reflects on two painful lessons.

Books: The New Attitude blog has a good article on how to recommend books without ruining souls.

Humor: Maybe sheep aren’t as dumb as we thought.

March 20, 2007

Tuesday March 20, 2007

Music: Here’s one for the American Idol fan.

Politics: As the war in Iraq enters its fifth year, Joe Carter posts ten things we’ve forgotten about the war.

Debate: Has anyone watched this debate between Alister McGrath and Peter Atkins?

Weird: A Catholic Church in Germany is collecting money to support the building of a local mosque.

Music: Curtis Allen (aka “Voice”) has published a great article with Boundless.

Homosexuality: Al Mohler has clarified some of his comments about homosexuality and has responded in brief to some critics.

Books: An interesting and (I believe) secular review of the bestselling book “The Secret.”

Photography: This is an interesting photo essay.

March 19, 2007

Monday March 19, 2007

Interview: There is an interview with Bob Kauflin at the New Attitude blog. (HT: JT.

People: An interesting article by and about Mark Driscoll.

Science: A new study shows that a lack of sleep may hinder moral judgment. “It’s possible, they speculate, that sleeplessness slows the brain’s ability to integrate cognitive and emotional information, which is needed to address serious moral dilemmas.”

Conference: Here is a photo gallery from the Ligonier Conference.

March 15, 2007

Thursday March 15, 2007

Issues: Christian Post reports on an uproar caused by Al Mohler.

Church: Irish Calvinist discusses his annual pilgrimage to Saddleback Church.

Politics: Hugh Hewitt has announced the Michael Yon Project.

Humor: This picture makes me laugh. It looks to me like the devil rising over the church. But maybe it’s just me.

Conference: I’m heading to Orlando first thing in the morning and will begin liveblogging the Ligonier Conference in the afternoon. Stay tuned!

March 14, 2007

Wednesday March 14, 2007

Interview: WORLD has an interview with Stanley Hauerwas, who has been declared America’s best theologian. If you can even begin to figure out what this guy believes, you’re a better man than me!

Web: Sovereign Grace Ministries recently redesigned their web site.

Conference: Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, Massachusetts will be hosting a conference with Steve Lawson from April 13-14.

Politics: Ben Stein’s column is, as usual, quite interesting.

March 13, 2007

Tuesday March 13, 2007

Audio: The Shepherds’ Conference audio is now available. I’m guessing MacArthur’s first address will be the most downloaded.

Conference: Ligonier will be offering a free video stream of the National Conference which begins on Thursday.

Du Jour: In case you missed this article by Al Mohler, you’ll want to read it now.

Eschatology: Justin Taylor has linked to what looks to be a good series about problems with premillenialism.

March 06, 2007

Monday March 5, 2006

Apologetics: Pulpit Magazine has a thorough roundup of responses to the Jesus Family Tomb nonsense.

Life: Eric Simmons has the first of two posts on An Idiot’s Guide to Correction.

Weird: This is what some guy found when he cracked open the doors to a barn he had just bought.

Conference: A note for anyone going to the Shepherd’s Conference.

March 06, 2007

Tuesday March 6, 2007

Science: Here are 13 things that don’t make sense.

People: And speaking of things that don’t make sense, Michael Jackson has converted to Islam. Or that’s what Kim Riddlebarger says.

Islam: And speaking of Islam, Josh Harris recently read a fascinating article.

Design: And speaking of Josh Harris, I just helped him redesign his site. We combined his personal site with his blog into a pretty new package.

Personal: And speaking of me, I won’t be updating A La Carte again this week. As of 5:45 AM, I’ll be making my way to L.A. for the Shepherd’s Conference. Stay tuned this week for updates from the conference. It promises to be a good one.

March 02, 2007

Friday March 2, 2007

News: This story is just [dare I say it?] so gay!

Books: Libronix users will want to download this, the complete works of Thomas Boston.

Preaching: Unashamed Workman is looking for input on the usefulness or validity of visual props during preaching (Powerpoint being an example).

Books: Don Whitney reviews a bestselling book called “The Secret.” This one is on my reading list as well. “The problem with The Secret is that it focuses our hope selfward and not Godward. It is all about self-empowerment, self-fulfillment, and getting whatever we want.”

Humor: I got a chuckle out of this. Even with my son in first grade we realize just how much parents have to do!