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A La Carte

February 23, 2007

Friday February 23, 2007

History: One of Canada’s last World War 1 veterans has died at the age of 107. There are only two remaining.

Technology: This seems to be the place to track down the perfect wallpaper for your computer.

ChurchMerch: Yet another piece of ChurchMerch. In this video game you play Moses. A very violent Moses.

Theology: Rebecca talks about propitiation.

News: An interesting story. Can’t say I agree with either party on this one!

February 22, 2007

Monday February 22, 2007

Church: The author of a new book says “says the achievements of the African American community are losing ground, especially among church leaders who have shifted more focus onto individual achievement.” The cause is the prosperity gospel.

Technology: Looks like Windows Vista isn’t selling so well. Like everyone else, I have been very hesitant to make the jump and don’t plan on it anytime soon.

Reading: Al Mohler has a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment.

Film: Amazing Grace, the movie about William Wilberforce opens tomorrow. Carolyn McCulley is a big fan.

February 21, 2007

Wednesday February 21, 2007

Personal: I apologize to the three or four of you who really enjoy A La Carte. I find it difficult to maintain while I am at conferences, so expect more of these week-long gaps in the months to come!

People: Please pray for Paul (who pastors our church) and Julian (who serves as a deacon) as they mourn the loss of Bill Martin, Paul’s father and Julian’s grandfather.

Interview: J.T. interviews John Ensor.

Language: Peter Leithart has contributed to the discussion about Christians and vulgar language.

February 15, 2007

Thursday February 15, 2007

Creation: An interesting article from the New York Times.

Weird: Here is a story about a California pastor who somehow managed to steal and sell an entire church.

Preaching: Tim Ellsworth shares some layman’s advice for preachers.

People: Dr. Bruce Metzger has died. Dr. Haykin reflects briefly on this theologian and Bible scholar.

February 14, 2007

Wednesday February 14, 2007

Music: Want a free song? Shane Barnard is offering “Saved by Grace.” Here are the lyrics and here is the MP3.

Du Jour: A letter from Alan Groves (professor at Westminster Seminary) that was printed in the bulletin at his funeral.

Travel: More and more pilots are now packing heat. Who knew?

Film: A reader sent this - a strangely compelling little movie about moving a 100 year old church.

Creation: Rick Pearcey discusses the news that John McCain will be speaking at a Discovery Institute event.

February 13, 2007

Tuesday February 13, 2007

Theology: Douglas Baker wrote an interesting editorial for Baptist Press.

Church: Paul has some good advice about how to teach little ones to sit in church with the family.

People: Timmy Brister reflects on the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Music: WORLD covers Reformed rappers.

Books: Lydia quotes from an upcoming book by John Ensor. I’ve already read the book and will definitely be recommending it.

Frivolity: I want this (the biggest LEGO set ever offered). But then again, doesn’t everyone?

February 12, 2007

Monday February 12, 2007

Death: In the off-chance that you’re interesting, here is a chart showing the odds of dying from various causes.

Bible: Here’s a new one: a Manga Bible. You can see spreads from the Bible here.

Church: Dr Mohler has a good article about “a pink reformation.”

Humor: I don’t quite know what to say about this.

February 09, 2007

Friday February 9, 2007

Women: Lydia Brownback laments lost modesty.

Weird: This guy made a bad bet and now has to suffer the consequences.

Books: Desiring God is offering cases of “Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die” for $1 per book if you will give them away.

Conference: And while we’re on the topic of Desiring God, here is a recap of the keynote addresses from the pastor’s conference that was held earlier this week.

February 08, 2007

Thursday February 8, 2007

Video: Andrew Lindsay shares some wise advice on the subject of homeschooling: Beware the Homeschoolers!

Church: Amazing Grace Sunday is coming on February 18.

Travel: This is a good site to consult before you book your next plane ticket.

Books: I stumbled across this yesterday: the title of Joel Osteen’s next book. “Become a Better You.” Neat.

People: Gary North reflects on the recent death of his son.

February 07, 2007

Wednesday February 7, 2007

Du Jour: The family of Al Groves celebrates his homecoming in a beautiful, faith-filled way.

Missions: Paul wants your assistance with a project our church is undertaking.

Politics: Americans complain about Bush’s lack of mastery over the English language. It could be worse. The man who wants to be Canada’s next Prime Minister makes Bush look (or sound) like Shakespeare. How about this?: “This category will propel sustainably. I have always believe that.”

Church: BBC reports on a survey attempting to find the number of Christians in China.

Blogspotting: My anti-Mac comments yesterday offended the Black family. No word on whether I offended the whole family, or just one of them. I posted a response to all the Mac lovers here!