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March 25, 2009
Tougher Sexting Laws
This article discusses new laws against cyberbullying. Some interesting facts: “A national study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy revealed that 1 in 5 teen girls or 22 percent say they have electronically sent or posted nude or semi-nude images online of themselves.” and “Some area school resource officers and principals estimate that at least half of the students have an inappropriate photo on their cell phone.”
Church Planting in WSJ
Wall Street Journal has an article about church planting. Rather an interesting place to read such an article, I thought…
Ligonier National Conference Video
You can watch the sessions from the recent conference which dealt with the topic of “The Holiness of God.” There were some very, very good sessions and they are well worth watching.
The Real Population Threat
Dr. Mohler: “For well over a century, many prophets of doom have predicted world overpopulation would lead to ecological disaster, famine, poverty and other woes. As Philip Longman points out in the March 24, 2009 edition of USA Today, the world’s population is expected to hit 7 billion by 2012, up from the 6 billion mark set in 1999. So, is overpopulation a real threat? Not hardly.”
March 24, 2009
Sermon Jams: Volume 5
1031 Sermon Jams has released a new volume of their sermon jams. You are free to download, burn and distribute the files. DD)
Writers’ Rooms
Here is a neat photo essay (with an audio track by the photographer) sharing photographs of various writers’ rooms. They range from the stark to the cluttered and everything in between.
Free Audio Books from Jim Elliff
Audio versions of Jim Elliff’s books Pursuing God and Wasted Faith are available for free download at his web site.
Solving Sudoku Mathematically
I’m glad to hear that someone has found a way of solving Sudoku. Now maybe people can stop cluttering magazines with it…
How Publishing Shapes Us
Andy Le Peau has a short but good article on how publishing shapes us. “What does publishing make possible and impossible? Famously, it made the Reformation possible—or at least possible to spread more quickly and widely. It makes the dissemination of information and opinion to great swaths of the population possible. This may be obvious. What is perhaps less obvious is what publishing makes impossible or very difficult.”
Connecting Church and Home
“This weekend, Brentwood Baptist Church hosted a conference on family ministry titled Connecting Church and Home. The speakers were mainly connected with Southern Baptist churches but their purpose will be shared by all Christians.” Though I haven’t read through (or listened to) these talks yet, they come highly recommended.
March 23, 2009
One Trillion Dollars
You’ve probably seen this already; I have too. But I just can’t get over it, so thought I’d post it so you can see it again.
The Sin of Infant Baptism
Mark Dever has stepped up to defend his view that infant baptism is sinful. I’m not sure why this is controversial, but it seems to be!
Getting Good Digital Audio of Sermons
This article offers some useful pointers for getting good digital audio recordings of sermons.
Advance 09
This conference looks like it’s going to be a good one (or, at least, one would assume so from the topic and the list of speakers).
March 19, 2009
Why the Time Magazine Trumpeting of New Calvinism Is a Bad Thing
Thabiti Anyabwile offers seven quick but good reasons on why we should react carefully to this article.
Driscoll’s New Calvinism
Paul Grimmond, writing for The Sola Panel, offers some interesting thoughts on Mark Driscoll’s comments about the new versus the old Calvinism.
Band of Bloggers Book Giveaways
Timmy Brister has organized another Band of Bloggers event to be held at this year’s Gospel Coalition Conference. He just provided a list of the free books that will be given away. Looks like it will be worth coming just for the books!
Canada’s Science Minister is a Creationist
And so, of course, there is plenty of outrage. “Jim Turk, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, said he was flabbergasted that the minister would invoke his religion when asked about evolution.”
What I Can and Cannot Live With as a Minister
Mark Dever has put together a list of “What I CAN and CANNOT Live With as a Pastor.” “Let me throw out a bunch of different examples that are relevant to my particular situation: organs, female elders, universalism, altar calls, humor, multi-site campuses, drums, the KJV, stained glass, racism, infant baptism, no formal membership, sermons limited to 10 minutes, large and high pulpits, TV studio-like acoustics. My goal in what follows is not to give you a sacrosanct playbook, but to illustrate how I go about thinking through practical matters.”
March 17, 2009
iPhone Bible Reader
This Bible reading software for the iPhone is getting better and better.
How to Be a Reader (When You Can’t Afford Books)
Here is some advice by T-Wax on how to read a lot even when your budget can’t support constant book buying.
Calvinism Old and New
R. Scott Clark says “Rather than respond point by point to Pastor Driscoll’s original post I want to challenge the premise on which it rests, namely that his theology, piety, and practice is genuinely “Calvinist” and second, that “Calvinism” can be reduced to the doctrine of predestination that can be re-contextualized in congregations which are at odds with the Reformed confession.”
Deal of the Day: March Mania CBD is having “March Mania” this month. You’ll have to look to find the deals, but there are some to be had. See especially under the Academic link if you want deals on some great reference books.
March 16, 2009
Digital Etiquette
“This is a friendly call for creators of MP3’s to follow some very simple guidelines that will make end users lives easier, and be a testimony to the messages we preach & teach. If you value the material you post publicly on the Internet, please demonstrate it’s value by following these 3 very simple guidelines.”
Meet David Powlison
C.J. Mahaney turns his interview series to David Powlison.
Reading Technology
A snarky cartoon that looks at the great user interface and other features of books.
Driscoll’s Confusion on the Old Calvinism
James Grant has some wise correctives to Mark Driscoll’s statements comparing the New Calvinism to the Old Calvinism.
US Dollars in Circulation
This video from Glenn Beck shows how many US dollars have entered circulation in the past few months. This is shocking stuff!
Deal of the Day: Literary Study Bible
Monergism Books is offering a 40% discount on the really nice-looking TruTone, Brown/Parchment version of the ESV Literary Study Bible.
March 13, 2009
Are You a Drupal Programmer?
I am looking for a Drupal programmer to help me with a project (Discerning Reader, if you must know). Shoot me an email if you think you might be able to help me out!
Simeon Workshops
Richview Baptist Church in Etobicoke, Ontario is hosting the Simeon Trust preaching workshops from March 25-27. David Short and David Helm will be teaching.
Free Hymns for Modern Ears
DG: “My friend Tyler Johnson, a pastor at East Valley Bible Church in Gilbert, AZ, made my day today. He told me about a new music project called Page CXVI. With music for modern ears, they are seeking to make hymns more accessible and known to the church again. ”
March 12, 2009
Ligonier National Conference Live Webcast
“The biggest event of the year for Ligonier Ministries is just around the corner. We are excited to once again be able to offer a free, live webcast of the conference, available in both English and Spanish. See below for details.” This conference has a fantastic lineup of speakers…
Messiahs Pointing to the Door
Carl Trueman does what Carl Trueman does so well in this article. It’s a good one!
Take a Deep Breath
6YearMed shares yet another poignant moment from her career as a pediatrician. “A cough wracks her little body, and shakes the bed. And as she clutches the oxygen facemask with both hands, she sucks the life out of every single person in the room….”
What is an Evangelical?
This was Phil Johnson’s other, less controversial topic from this year’s Shepherds’ Conference.
Deal of the Day: Matthew
RHB is offering a great discount on a great new commentary: The two-volume commentary for Matthew in the Reformed Expository Commentary set (written by Daniel Doriani).
March 11, 2009
11 Reasons to Celebrate in March
…because sometimes you just need to celebrate something while waiting for the warm weather to arrive.
Amazing Grace
I don’t know anything about this group (except that I’ve heard Simon Cowell’s name attached to them), but they sing quite a nice version of “Amazing Grace” in this video.
Fair Comment
An article at the Economist looks at the importance of reviews in online sales. I found this interesting: “His company’s research shows that visitors are more reluctant to buy until a product attracts a reasonable number of reviews and picks up momentum.” People often refuse to buy a product until it has a certain number of reviews; this somehow gives that product a kind of authenticity.
Deal of the Day: Calvin’s Commentaries
Solid Ground Books is offering the 500th Anniversary Calvin’s Commentaries Set with Matching Set of Calvin’s Institutes for just $119.95.
March 10, 2009
Wikipedia Scrubs Obama Eligibility Questions
This article at WND draws interesting comparisons between Obama’s profile at Wikipedia and George W. Bush’s. Guess which one is not allowed to have anything negative attached to it.
The Canadian Solution
Newsweek explains why Canadian banks are not failing and have no need of bailouts. “Canadian banks are typically leveraged at 18 to 1—compared with U.S. banks at 26 to 1 and European banks at a frightening 61 to 1. Partly this reflects Canada’s more risk-averse business culture, but it is also a product of old-fashioned rules on banking.”
Can an Elder Be Divorced
I love “Monday with Mounce.” This week he looks to 1 Timothy 3:2 to ask whether an elder may be previously divorced.
Interview with William Young
Here is an interview with The Shack author William Young. In it he flatly denies the substitutionary atonement (which was one of the questions many people had as they read the book).
Kyle Rae Sweet: 1956 - 2009
Long-time Christian music fans may be interested in this sad news. “Kyle Rae Sweet [Wife of Michael Sweet] has passed on and is now at peace with her Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ…”
Spring ESV Sale
Here’s one for the Canadians. Family Christian Bookstore in Burlington is offering sale prices on a selection of ESV Bibles. Click to read their flyer (PDF format).
Preachin’ Dirty
Phil Johnson begins to answer critics of his talk dealing with “Sound Doctrine, Sound Words.” To this point it seems a very grace-filled discussion.
Tait to Front Newsboys
The rumor mill was abuzz with this news; it has now been confirmed. Michael Tait is the new lead vocalist for the Newboys, replacing Peter Furler. If that means nothing to you, you probably don’t listen to Christian music.
Deal of the Day: Matthias Media
“The ‘Deal of the Day’ we have for you is a package to help you share the wonderful Gospel of the Lord Jesus with others.” Click the link to read about the deal they’ve put together!