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A La Carte

January 30, 2008
Wednesday January 30, 2008 Ligonier Streaming T4G ‘06
Ligonier Ministries are streaming the T4G’06 messages and panels on the Ligonier site.
C.J. Mahaney Blog
C.J. Mahaney now has a blog of his own.
True Male Friendship
The CBMW blog is featuring a series on true male friendship, encouraging men to pursue true biblical friendship.
Global Church Advancement Conference
Alex Chediak is blogging from the Global Church Advancement conference.
January 29, 2008
Tuesday January 29, 2008 Chinese Reformed Bookstore
The people behind Monergism Books have just opened a new store, this one selling Reformed resources in Chinese.
If you’ve been hearing about all the furor regarding Scientology the past couple of weeks, you may find this a good article to get oriented with this cult/religion.
A380 Cockpit
This has no real value beyond entertainment. It’s an amazing view of the inside of the cockpit for the new Airbus A380 super jumbo.
January 28, 2008
Monday January 28, 2008 Is Homemaking the Only Priority?
Carolyn McCulley begins what promises to be an interesting series answering this question.
Old and Alone
Dr. Mohler discusses a new article “looking at what happens when divorced parents age — a significant demographic trend in a world of aging baby boomers.”
Tips for Parenting
This site has a list of helpful do’s and don’ts for raising babies.
Toy Story 3D
Perennial favorites Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are coming back to theaters after being given the full 3-D treatment.
Bob Kellemen Reviews my Book
Bob Kellemen has an encouraging review of my book.
January 25, 2008
Friday January 25, 2008 Sovereign Grace Sale
For the month of February Sovereign Grace will be selling all CDs for six dollars. With free shipping. Pursuit of Godliness books will be $5. Free shipping is a US-only deal. Canadians and others lodge your protest here!
Monergism Books Sale
Monergism Books is also offering free shipping until tomorrow. John has the details.
Forests, Dog Attacks, and Discernment
Paul (my pastor) has some good words on the subject of discernment. Clearly I’ve taught him well.
January 24, 2008
Thursday January 24, 2008 Calling for Truth
I’ll be one of two guests today on Calling for Truth with Kevin Boling in case you’re interested in tuning in (through the radio or online). The guest on just before me will be Barack Obama (who will, no doubt, prove an interesting interview!).
D.A. Carson in Toronto
D.A. Carson will be speaking at a variety of locations in the Toronto area in the next week. Ian has a round-up if you’d like to catch one of his speaking engagements.
John Piper on a Common Word
In this short video John Piper responds to the “A Common Word Between Us and You” initiative to bring Christians and Muslims together.
Ten Questions with Steve Lawson
Here are the first five of ten questions with Steve Lawson. There’s a link to read the next five.
January 23, 2008
Wednesday January 23, 2008 Pray for the Third Wave
“The end of abortion as a business is in sight when the prolife movement is not only joined by, but led by, the African-American and Latino Christian Community. I call it the Third Wave.”
46 Million
Here is a page that seeks to show what 46 million looks like (46 million is the number of babies aborted since Row v. Wade).
Top Ten Science Predictions…
Here’s a list of ten science predictions that didn’t come true.
Winter Theology Conference
Northwestern Baptist Association just posted audio from their recent conference. Dr. Jonathan Pennington from SBTS spoke on the gospels.
January 22, 2008
Tuesday January 22, 2008 Roe v Wade 35 Years Later
Justin Taylor interviews Robert P. George, the author of “Embryo: A Defense of Human Life.”
I Was Adopted, Not Aborted
Carolyn McCulley writes that “in the 35 years since Roe v. Wade, a generation has come to maturity who can speak to the loss from the other side.” She has an interesting interview.
The Christian Manifesto Review of My Book
“There are very few books on the market that talk about or attempt to define spiritual discernment. This book helps to fill that void.”
Everything Hasn’t Changed
So says John Wilson, editor of Books & Culture at “Christianity Today” in his review of Brian McLaren’s latest book.
Pray Without Ceasing
John MacArthur explains what it means to pray without ceasing.
January 21, 2008
Monday January 21, 2008 Dr. Mohler Reviews My Book
Dr. Mohler has posted a quick review of my book.
Church Discipline
The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article critical of the practice of church discipline.
Hershael York Replies
Pastor Hershael York, who was interviewed for the WSJ article, calls it a hatchet job. “The article is tantamount to being against spanking because some parents abuse their children, or criticizing ‘time out’ because some parents lock their children in the basement.”
January 18, 2008
Friday January 18, 2008 10 Reasons the USA Could Beat Up Canada
Stephen Altrogge provides ten reasons that the U.S. could beat up Canada.
Top 10 Reasons Stephen is Wrong
Paul responds to Stephen.
Tom Brady on Emptiness
Zach has a link to an interesting 60 Minutes interview with Tom Brady where he admits, even after three Superbowls, that there just has to be more to life…
Instructing a Child’s Heart
At YouTube you’ll find a video of Tedd Tripp discussing his forthcoming follow-up to Shepherding a Child’s Heart
Josh Buice’s Review
Josh Buice recently published a review of my book.
January 17, 2008
Thursday January 17, 2008 10 Things Not to Say
Here are ten things not to say in the final weeks of pregnancy (HT: Amy).
John Adams: The Film
This HBO mini-series looks excellent. It’s a film adaptation of McCullough’s biography of John Adams. It’s coming this March (and will hopefully make it to DVD not too long after).
Bible.org Redesigned
Bible.org, a site filled with excellent resources, has recently undergone a very nice redesign.
Go to the Ant
On YouTube is a remarkable video from the Science Channel showing an expansive ant colony and describing the work it took to make it.
Help Tullian
Tullian is posting excerpts of the book he’s working on and is looking for outside input.