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August 16, 2007
Thursday August 16, 2007 Mark Dever Joins the Baptism Debate
Mark Dever has joined the discussion on baptism that previously just involved John Piper and Wayne Grudem. His thesis: “Baptism SHOULD be required for church membership.”
A Biography of C.J. Mahaney
Timmy Brister points to an online video biography of C.J. Mahaney that “was produced to commemorate his life and ministry at Covenant Life as the pastoral leadership was handed off to Joshua Harris, his successor.”
New Piper Podcast
Desiring God just keeps adding to their online catalog. They are introducing a Q&A podcast called “Ask Pastor John” where you can submit questions to be answered by John Piper.
Riddelbarger on the Apocalypse Code
Kim Riddelbarger points out both the good and the bad in Hank Hanegraaff’s new book in which he attempts to refute dispensationalism.
New Jonathan Edwards
Don Kistler’s Northampton Press has just announced its first title: “Sermons on the Lord’s Supper” by Jonathan Edwards. It is a compilation of sermons, only two of which have ever been published before.
August 15, 2007
Wednesday August 15, 2007 Movabletype 4.0
Bloggers using the Movabletype platform (or considering using it) may be interested to know that version 4.0 has launched and is now available (and looking good!).
How Chicks Hatch
This little video caught my attention yesterday. I think I prefer to believe that my meat arrives at the table through a process slightly more organic than this.
Interview with Peter Williams
Justin Taylor has an interview with Peter Williams who will shortly succeed Bruce Winter as warden of Tyndale House in the UK.
What is the Gospel?
The Church Matters blog is using a recent interview with Derek Webb to propel them into a discussion about the gospel.
August 14, 2007
Tuesday August 14, 2007 Derek Webb Interview
Tony Kummer of Said at Southern blog recently interviewed Derek Webb and has posted the audio at the blog as a podcast.
Is The Bible Relevant to Archeology?
Ray Fowler points to a short but interesting video interviewing five biblical archaeologists on site in Israel.
In Christ Alone
Christianity Today has reviewed the latest CD from Keith and Kristyn Getty saying, “The Gettys display a fascination with the cross, several tunes alluding to or referencing its atoning power.” You can buy it here.
Are Atheists Autistic?
Joe Carter wants to know.
August 13, 2007
Monday August 13, 2007 Is Singleness a Sin?
Lydia posts part two of a series on this topic. “Is singleness a sin? Not according to Paul. And not according to Jesus. In fact, Jesus clearly stated that choosing to be single for kingdom purposes is a good and blessed option.”
If God is Sovereign, Why Pray?
Pulpit Magazine’s blog takes on this question that has perplexed so many people.
Sunday is Sacred
That’s what Stephen Altrogge says and I agree with him. “Sunday is sacred because we get to sing corporate praises to God, fellowship with other believers, and above all else, hear the precious word of God preached. Yet how little we prepare for Sundays.”
August 10, 2007
Friday August 10, 2007 Grudem Responds to Piper
Wayne Grudem changed a portion of his “Systematic Theology,” Piper responded and now Grudem has responded to Piper’s response. Did you get all that?
A Special Moment
There is an interesting article in the “New York Times” about Mike Bacsik, the rather ordinary pitcher who gave up Barry Bond’s record-tying home run.
All These Calvinists
Mark Dever has finished up his series asking “Where did all these Calvinists come from?”
August 09, 2007
Thursday August 9, 2007 Dr. Grudem Changes his Mind
The newest edition of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology has an important change. “Grudem previously argued for ‘allowing both views of baptism [i.e., paedobaptism and credobaptism] to be taught and practiced in denominations on both sides of the question.’”
Baptism and Worship
Bob Kauflin has shared a nice post about baptism and worship in the life of their church.
Stop Spam. Read Books
The reCAPTCHA project is an ingenious way of digitizing the text of old books while also preventing spam.
A Threat to the Disabled
Al Mohler shows how assisted suicide is a threat to anyone who is disabled. “Make no mistake. When death is claimed as a right, it will soon become a duty. You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to see where that leads.”
August 08, 2007
Wednesday August 8, 2007 Bible Material for Children
Ray Van Neste has posted the notes from a recent seminar he led on Bible materials for children (HT:JT)
Interview with Conrad Mbewe
Martin Downes has an interview with Conrad Mbewe, pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia.
Worldview Matters
Al Mohler uses the European culture wars to show the worldview matters.
We made it to Atlanta safe and sound. We drove almost 1000 miles in sixteen hours and made it one day. The kids were as good as we could have hoped for. Thanks for your prayers.
August 07, 2007
Tuesday August 7, 2007 Updated Conference List
I just updated the list of Reformed conferences with at least 8 or 10 new ones. Be sure to check to see if a good conference is coming to your town!
Responding to Rabbi Kushner
John Piper took some time to respond to Rabbi Kushner who was recently interview about the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis.
Outing the Atheists
Dr. Mohler has an article discussing Richard Dawkins’s new “OUT” campaign which seeks to convince atheists to declare themselves as such.
The ATM in the Church Lobby
TIME magazine has a short article about ATMs in church lobbies and their increasing influenced due to new IRS rules. “Specially designed ATMs at church will help document such spur-of-the-moment cash gifts, as well as planned giving. ”
By the time you read this I should be well on my way to Atlanta. I am driving my family down there today since my sister is getting married in Chattanooga on the weekend (I have family in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and a town immediately between the two). I’d appreciate prayers for traveling mercies since we’ve got almost 1,000 miles to drive before nightfall.
August 06, 2007
Monday August 6, 2007 It’s Worse to Walk Than Drive
A leading environmentalist has figured out that walking does more than driving to cause global warming. It turns out there is more damage done by growing the food you need to make that walk than in the pollutants from your car.
The Atheist Who Thought He Was God
Scott Adams, who writes the comic strip Dilbert, has had some interesting posts lately dealing with atheism.
The Duggars Welcome #17
The Duggar family of Arkansas (you’ve seen them on several TV specials) just welcomed their 17th child into the world. And they’re not done yet.
Discernment: Prerequisite for Spiritual Growth
Yesterday Lydia posted a quote from my book. She can do that because she is my editor and just happens to be editing it at the moment…
Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife
This is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife. “As awesome as it is ridiculous, this incredible triumph of engineering is packed with 85 fully functional implements and is said to have over 100 functions. Why? Well, why not?”
August 03, 2007
Friday August 3, 2007 Phillips Talks Schooling
Rick Phillips has some interesting things to say about fundamentalism and educational choices.
New From Sovereign Grace Music
Bob Kauflin writes about the new CD from Mark and Stephen Altrogge and asks them a couple of questions about it.
New From Keith Green
The Christian Post reports that some unreleased Keith Green music is going to be available soon.
Can Satan Hear Your Thoughts?
John MacArthur answers a question about whether or not Satan can hear our thoughts.
Missions and Ordination
Jesse reflects on what he learned in a field of sugar cane and on his recent ordination.
Twenty Years for the Rykens
Reflecting on twenty years of marriage, Phil Ryken shares the story of meeting and marrying his wife.