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February 05, 2010

Dug Down DeepIt’s Friday morning, which means that I’ve got some free stuff to give away. For this week’s contest I cajoled my buddy Josh Harris into giving up ten copies of his new book Dug Down Deep. So there will be ten prizes, each of which will be an autographed copy of the book.

Here is a brief description of it:

In Dug Down Deep Joshua Harris shares how we can rediscover the relevance and power of Christian truth. This book shows a young man who rose quickly to success in the Christian evangelical world before he realized his spirituality lacked a foundation—it rested more on tradition and morality than on an informed knowledge of God.

For the indifferent or spiritually numb, Harris’s humorous and engaging reflections on Christian beliefs show that orthodoxy isn’t just for scholars—it is for anyone who longs to know to know the living Jesus Christ.

January 29, 2010

It has been quite a week. I finally got home from Savannah only to find that Aileen had succumbed to the flu that all three of the kids had while I was gone. While I was sitting in a Savannah beach house, she was cleaning up messes (time and time again). So I am mostly going to have to take care of things around the house today. But I did manage to get together this week’s Free Stuff Fridays post.

January 22, 2010

With a new Friday I’ve got some new free stuff to give away. Here we go.

Andrew Case writes unique books, which is saying something when hundreds of thousands of new titles are being published each year. He writes books of prayers—prayers that are drawn almost entirely from Scripture. Each book is targeted to a very specific readership and contains prayers uniquely suited to that type of person. Today he would like to give you a couple of his books: Water of the Word and Prayers of an Excellent Wife.

January 15, 2010

With another Friday comes another load of free stuff to give away. This week’s sponsor, Crossway, is well-known to all of us. They are giving away a very generous prize—a copy of each of their January releases. This includes six books, including titles by such notables as John Piper and John MacArthur (perhaps you’ve heard of them?).

Here are the six books the winners will receive:

January 08, 2010

After a brief holiday break, Free Stuff Fridays is making its return today. Free Stuff Fridays is really just a means to connect you with some great products you might otherwise not hear about. I am actually looking for sponsors for some upcoming weeks, so if you work for a company or ministry that would like to sponsor, feel free to shoot me an email.

This week’s sponsor is The Good Book Company and today they have another great offer for you.

Today’s giveaway is 10 sets of 3 of the latest installments of the Gospel Centered Series.

December 18, 2009

Another Friday, another batch of free stuff. It is becoming common to talk to people (at church, for instance) who say, “I don’t read your blog very often, but I do always read it on Fridays…” People who know me but don’t read my blog often feel the need to apologize for not reading it. Funny, that. It’s okay, honest. There’s no requirement that to be my friend you have to read my blog. It may help, though…

Augustine and Calvin

December 11, 2009

Free Stuff Fridays

After a week off, it is time for a new edition of Free Stuff Fridays. As this week’s giveaway is sponsored by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary it will come as no surprise that the prize is a book by Dr. Albert Mohler. They are giving away five copies of He Is Not Silent, a book that deals with preaching in a postmodern world. Here is what I said in my review: “This is the third book from the pen of Dr. Mohler we’ve seen in 2008. In my view, it is the best (at least of the three I have read to this point). Though Mohler aptly addressed culture and new atheism in his previous two titles, there is a new kind of passion in this book. Mohler calls for the ‘re-centering’ of an element of worship that has been pushed to the periphery. He does so with confidence based on Scripture and in a way that can appeal to any reader. Buy it, read it, and while you are at it, buy a copy for your pastor.”

November 27, 2009

Free Stuff Fridays

modern-parables.jpgThis week’s Free Stuff Fridays sponsor is Modern Parables (modernparables.com). “Modern Parables is an original film-based Bible study curriculum on Jesus’ parables. It uses short films of the parables combined with teaching by pastors and in-depth study materials to create an entirely new learning experience. Modern Parables seeks to re-create the emotional immediacy that Jesus’ 1st-century audience felt when hearing the parables. It does this by using some of the best parable scholarship and exploring it through creative filmmaking. The gut-level understanding made possible by the films is intended to drive listeners into a deeper understanding of the Bible.” The films are fun to watch (especially as a family) and are useful for small group studies. I have taught through these films a couple of times now and have found it very beneficial to do so.

I’ve also reviewed the films and if you’d like to read that review you can do so here. And here is a trailer for “Prodigal Sons,” my favorite of the films:

Modern Parables is offering a total of six prizes. Three winners will receive their choice of a set of all six films on DVD (or, if they prefer, they may take digital downloads instead). Three other winners will receive a digital download of the films.

Rules: You may only enter the draw once. Simply fill out your name and email address to enter the draw. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

November 20, 2009

Free Stuff Fridays

This week’s sponsor is christianaudio.com. “The mission of christianaudio is to shape Christian hearts to think and do right. We are in the business of making contexts in which Christians can think properly about God, themselves, and the world. We believe that spiritual growth occurs within the framework of proper beliefs - the contexts that allow Christians to go about enjoying God and serving others.” I have met the guys behind christianaudio on several occasions and have always enjoyed their kindness and their desire to serve the church.

November 13, 2009

Free Stuff Fridays

This week’s sponsor of Free Stuff Fridays is Shepherd Press. Shepherd Press is a ministry dedicated to publishing solid, biblical books and material. They are likely best-known for publishing material by Ted Tripp (including Shepherding a Child’s Heart) but they also publish material by a variety of other authors. I have yet to find a Shepherd Press book that was not worth reading.

One of the more unique products they offer is a series of commentaries designed for children (titled Herein Is Love). These are written by Nancy Ganz and are based on Sunday School material she has taught for many years at Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church where her husband, Richard, serves as pastor. I have been to that church many times and count both Rich and Nancy as friends. In fact, I remember sitting in Nancy’s classes when I was just a boy.

Today Shepherd Press is offering as a prize five sets of these commentaries. Each of five winners will receive Genesis (in a brand new second edition), Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers.

D.A. Carson (who knows a thing or two about commentaries) says these volumes are “Interesting and very competent … a major contribution!” Here is an introduction to Genesis:

This book is truly wonderful. It has captured parents and children with creative, gripping, and beautiful portrayals of what truly happened in the beginning. The beginning books of the Bible are essential to our understanding of God’s redemptive story. The author of Herein Is Love creatively focuses our attention on the events that bring this story to life. The series has the richness of well-written literature and the depth of understanding inherent in a commentary. The result is a series of books whose details live and sing. They help parent and child understand the Christ-centered Word, and they are enjoyable reading for both. Your own faith will be strengthened while reading to your children, and your children will be encouraged, lesson by lesson, to believe in the Lord Jesus.

These books are an ideal addition for any library—personal, home or school. They are great for reading to your children and I’m willing to guarantee you will learn a few things yourself along the way.

Rules: You may only enter the draw once. Simply fill out your name and email address to enter the draw. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

Enter here: