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May 29, 2015

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by our friends at The Good Book Company, who have been working with The Gospel Coalition on a great new resource. There will be 6 winners this week, and each of them will receive a great package of prizes.

Gospel Shaped Church is a five part curriculum that aims to help the whole congregation learn and experience what it means to have their life and ministry shaped root and branch by the Gospel. As Tim Keller and Don Carson say in the introduction: “We want churches that are called into existence by the Gospel to be shaped by the Gospel in their everyday lives.”

The first two parts of this rich and flexible DVD-driven resource are available now:

  • Gospel Shaped Worship is written and presented by Jared Wilson and looks at how the gathered worship of the church relates to the everyday worship that individual Christians are called to offer to the Lord.
  • Gospel Shaped Outreach is written and presented by Omaha-based pastor Erik Raymond and looks at how a church can remain focussed on our principle task of reaching out with the Gospel of grace to others.

Gospel Shaped Outreach

The resources are not simplistic “how to” programs—they are deeply biblical and theological explorations of what God calls us to be through the Gospel message—but expressed in a very accessible way, so that your church can join in a journey of exploration and growth together.

We have three copies of the Gospel Shaped Worship Leader’s Kit and three copies of the Gospel Shaped Outreach Leader’s Kit to give away to six winners. Each Leader’s kit contains a DVD, a Leader’s Guide, a copy of the participant handbook, a quickstart guide and access to downloadable material.

In addition, for the disappointed but still eager, The Good Book Company are offering the Leader kits to regular Challies.com readers at a 40% discount off the list price. Simply follow the link, and use the code ChalliesGSC at the checkout (offer expires on the last day of June 2015).

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Giveaway Rules: You may enter one time. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

May 22, 2015

It is time for a new Free Stuff Fridays, and this week’s giveaway is sponsored by Crossway. To mark the latest release in their “Theologians on the Christian Life” series, they are giving away the new volume along with a couple of the ones that preceded it. There will be 5 winners this week and each of the winners will receive:

  • NewtonNewton on the Christian Life: To Live Is Christ by Tony Reinke. “John Newton is famous for his legendary hymn ‘Amazing Grace.’ Many have celebrated his dramatic conversion from a life in the slave trade to his eventual work to end it. But often overlooked are Newton’s forty years as a pastor ministering to parishioners and friends unsettled by the trials, doubts, and fears of life.Newton is perhaps the greatest pastoral letter writer in the history of the church. He took up his pen day after day to help others fix their eyes on Christ, which, he writes, is the underlying battle of the Christian life. Through a careful study of scores of letters, Tony Reinke brings together Newton’s brilliant vision of the Christian life in one accessible place.”
  • Edwards on the Christian Life: Alive to the Beauty of God by Dane Ortlund. “Jonathan Edwards is widely hailed as the greatest theologian in American history. In Edwards on the Christian Life, Dane Ortlund invites us to explore the great eighteenth-century pastor’s central passion: God’s resplendent beauty. Whether the topic was the nature of love, the preeminence of Scripture, or the glory of the natural world, the concept of beauty stood at the heart of Edwards’s theology and permeated his portrait of the Christian life. Clear and engaging, this accessible volume will inspire you to embrace Edwards’s magnificent vision of what it means to be a Christian: enjoying and reflecting of the beauty of God in all things.”
  • Luther on the Christian Life: Cross and Freedom by Carl Trueman. “Martin Luther’s historical significance can hardly be overstated. Known as the father of the Protestant Reformation, Luther has had an enormous impact on Western Christianity and culture. In Luther on the Christian Life, historian Carl Trueman introduces readers to the lively Reformer, taking them on a tour of his historical context, theological system, and approach to the Christian life. Whether exploring Luther’s theology of protest, ever-present sense of humor, or misunderstood view of sanctification, this book will help modern readers go deeper in their spiritual walk by learning from one of the great teachers of the faith.”

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May 15, 2015

It is time for a new Free Stuff Fridays, and this week’s giveaway is sponsored by our friends at Banner of Truth. There will be 5 winners this week, and each of those winners will receive the following 3 books:

You Must ReadYou Must Read: Books That Have Changed Our Lives by Various. Have you ever wondered what influences have shaped the preachers, teachers and authors you respect? You Must Read brings together more than thirty well-known Christian leaders and gives them the opportunity to talk about a book that has made a lasting impact on their lives. Their personal narratives and recommendations of the literature that has moulded and matured them combine to produce a book full of interest from start to finish. Contributors include Joel R. Beeke, Alistair Begg, Jerry Bridges, Mark Dever, J. Ligon Duncan, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., John MacArthur, Stuart Olyott, R. C. Sproul , Derek W. H. Thomas, Geoffrey Thomas, and many others. (more information)

Korean PentecostThe Korean Pentecost, by William Blair & Bruce Hunt. In 1977 the Trust published this remarkable account of the first 60 years or so of the modern church in Korea (mainly North Korea). William Blair (1876–1970), in his first term of missionary service, was at the centre of the great revival of 1907, and his account of this and the events leading up to it forms the first part of the book. Blair includes a thrilling description of how the gospel first came to Korea. The account is then taken up by his son-in-law, Bruce Hunt (1903–92)—born in Pyengyang, now the capital of North Korea—who shows how the revival was followed by a baptism of suffering under the Japanese and Communists. During his forty-eight years of missionary service in Korea, Hunt personally knew many of the Korean Christian martyrs. (more information)

Christ Set ForthChrist Set Forth by Thomas Goodwin. Addressing, from an exposition of Romans 8:34, the pastoral problem that many believers stray in their faith by looking into their own hearts for signs of grace instead of looking away from themselves to Christ, Christ Set Forth is primarily a book written to encourage Christians. ‘Turning to nearly any page in this volume, readers will be rewarded with a remarkably pastoral theology of justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.’ (Michael Horton) (more information)

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Giveaway Rules: You may enter one time. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

May 08, 2015

It is time for a new Free Stuff Fridays and this week’s giveaway is sponsored by Rare Document Traders. There will be 3 winners this week: The grand prize winner will receive a sermon manuscript page from a Charles Spurgeon sermon, while two other winners will receive a letterpress print of the five solas.

The grand prize is a sermon manuscript page from a Charles Spurgeon sermon preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle on Sunday, May 5, 1889. The page was heavily amended by the Prince of preachers himself before the sermon went to the printers. It comes with a printed page giving the sermon text itself and title, a picture suitable for framing and a certificate of validation and authenticity from Spurgeon’s College in London (see an example).

I recently purchased one of these myself as a gift, so can attest that it’s genuine. It will look something like this: 

Rare Doc Print

Two other winners will receive a Letterpress 8×10 Print of the Five Solas.  This specialty piece was printed the old-fashioned way with an original 1960′s Heidelberg printing press.  Letterpress is the oldest form of printing. It is an entirely hands-on process which requires a lot of time and careful craftsmanship. The method used for letterpress printing leaves an impression on the paper which can be seen as well as felt and has slight variations from piece to piece because of its manual nature.

5 Solas

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Giveaway Rules: You may enter one time. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

May 04, 2015


This sponsored post was prepared by Marty Sweeney of Matthis Media.

Trellis and VineAs evangelicals we have a clear sense of what we want our church to be from reading our Bibles: a vigorous, growing band of disciple-making disciples of the Lord Jesus, abounding in the work of the Lord (1 Cor 15:58) and not neglecting to meet together to encourage each other (Heb 10:25). Many of us have read books like The Trellis and the Vine, challenging us to pursue such a biblical vision. (You might also like to read this excellent article on what church is for.)

Yet we struggle to establish that type of Spirit-filled culture in our fellowships, despite preaching our hearts out week-by-week and praying for fruit in people’s lives.

I want to encourage you to keep preaching and praying your heart out.

But I also want to urge you to take a moment right now to choose 12 Christians in your congregation to invest in as disciple-making disciples. It almost doesn’t matter which 12. Don’t overthink this step. Just choose 12. 

Done that? Ok, here’s step 2…

Provide those 12 people with a biblical vision of what life is for—what it means to be a follower of the Lord Jesus—in not just theoretical but quite practical terms. That is, at a level that impacts their life decisions, both big and small. And then give them practical help in developing their competence and confidence to be able to carry out that biblical vision, exercising the gifts that God has given them for disciple-making (yes, including evangelism).

That’s all there is to it.

What’s that? You want some ideas on Step 2? Fair enough. Actually, I’ll give you two options.

Option 1: The “I’m stretched to the limit; I have no time to add anything to my schedule” option

Order a copy of each of these three books for your 12 people: 

(Save money with the 3-book bundle.)

Then say something like this to each person you’ve selected: 

“Hey Beau, if I give you 3 books I’d really like you to read, would you do me a big favor and join the small team of people I’ve asked to read them for me? The books are free and are yours to keep, so there’s no deadline—just as soon as you can manage. All three books are less than 100 pages and are really quick and easy to read. And as you finish each book, I’d like you to grab me at church the next Sunday and tell me what you found good about it. That would be really encouraging to me if you could do that.”

(By the way, It’s important that they read the three books in the order they are listed above.)

That’s it. That’s Step 2, Option1.

Option 2: The “I’m busy, but I think I can find the time to meet with my 12 people in a group context once a week” option

The second option is this: invite them to join a 10-week group to do The Course of Your Life with you. This is a bigger commitment, but the shared nature of the course makes for a more powerful impact on participants and more momentum for your church.

If you’re not familiar with The Course of Your Life, here’s a video…

Maybe, in God’s kindness, you’ll end up with a team of disciple-making Ninjas in your church!

Got questions? Give me a call on 1 866 407 4530 and we can share ideas. And please let me know how it all goes.

Marty Sweeney
Old North Church, Canfield
Matthias Media (USA)

May 01, 2015

This week’s Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by our friends at CBD Reformed. And as they always do, they are offering a pretty good prize package. There will be 5 winners this week and each winner will receive the following 3 products:

  • Women of the WordTreasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms by Gloria Furman - Retail price $10.99. “Refocus your vision of motherhood! Encouraging moms to pursue a vibrant and ever-growing relationship with Christ, even when disappointment sets in and the dirty laundry is still waiting to be washed, Furman recasts the experiences and tasks of everyday life, showing women how they can treasure Jesus more deeply no matter how busy they are.”
  • Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds by Jen Wilkin - Retail Price $12.99. “We all know it’s important to study God’s Word. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. What’s more, a lack of time, emotionally driven approaches, and past frustrations can erode our resolve to keep growing in our knowledge of Scripture. How can we, as Christian women, keep our focus and sustain our passion when reading the Bible? Offering a clear and concise plan to help women go deeper in their study of Scripture, this book will equip you to engage God’s Word in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart.”
  • ESV Compact Bible, Imitation Leather, Lilac - Retail Price $24.99

In addition, CBD Reformed is offering a 4-day sale (May 1 - 4) on the following three products:

Giveaway Rules: You may enter one time. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

April 24, 2015

This week’s Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by Christian Statements, sister company to Missional Wear. They are offering 5 prizes, each of which is a $50 gift certificate to their store.

LogoChristian Statements offers a variety of decor products with a focus on scripture verses, inspirational phrases and quotes from your favorite theologians! They are ideal for making a statement in your home, church or place of business.

Vinyl Wall Statements
Our classic vinyl series is the best way to get a classy hand-painted look without the cost or hassle! At Christian Statements will find the largest selection of scripture and bible verse wall decals that can each be configured to your size and color preferences. If you want something even more personalized, we will gladly design you a custom decal!


Peel and Stick Wall Decals - NEW!
Peel and Stick Wall Statements will transform your space in literally seconds - simply peel and stick! Our Peel and Stick series is printed on the highest quality woven material offering vivid colors, easy application and the durability to be repositioned whenever needed. Perfect for kids rooms, nurseries, and almost any wall that needs a little love.


The prints collection was born from our desire to display timeless scriptural truths in unique and attractive ways. All of our prints come in a variety of popular framing sizes and are printed on high quality material using eco-friendly inks.

Finally, Mother’s Day will be here soon on May 10th, so don’t miss this chance to save 20% through the end of this month using coupon code LOVEMOM.

Giveaway Rules: You may enter one time. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

April 17, 2015

As was mentioned yesterday in our interview with Church Plant Media, they are excited to be doing a free website giveaway to a pastor who regularly reads Challies.com. The giveaway includes a free responsive church website ($1,000 value), plus no monthly fees for the life of the site ($600 annual value). Features of this giveaway include a free responsive design, 24/7 usage of their Content Management System, regular upgrades and feature releases to core system modules, hosting at Rackspace and Amazon S3, and toll-free telephone and online support from their knowledgeable Support Team. It also includes “radius-protection” which means no other church within a 10 mile radius of your church can have the same design.

Here are the three requirements to qualify to get the free website:

  • You must be a pastor who loves the gospel and reads this site regularly (or at least occasionally).
  • You must affirm, endorse, and commit to uphold Church Plant Media’s Gospel Agreement.
  • Any pastor can enter their church, but keep in mind that the spirit of the giveaway is that it goes to a church that couldn’t otherwise afford it.

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world who meets the criteria above. We are planning to keep the comments open to facilitate this giveaway from today (April 17) until Sunday night (April 19). Church Plant Media will select the winner on Monday, April 20, and I’ll announce the winner at that time.

Please answer these 5 questions in the comments below:

  1. What is your name, your church name, and your affiliation?
  2. How long have you pastored and how often do you read this blog?
  3. How old is your church and what is the average number of weekly attendees?
  4. What is your favorite church website design style from Church Plant Media, and what do you like about it?
  5. How would a free website benefit your church?

To learn more about Church Plant Media, check out my recent interview with them.