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CK2:16 - Myths About Calvinism

Ten Myths About CalvinismThis week’s guest on The Connected Kingdom is Dr. Ken Stewart, who is Professor of Theological Studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Intervarsity Press recently published Dr. Stewart’s book Ten Myths About Calvinism: Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition. David and I spoke to him about the Old Calvinism about the New Calvinism and about what the even newer future Calvinism may look like. Here is a table of contents pointing out some of the highlights of our discussion:

  • 1:30 - Overview of the ten myths about Calvinism
  • 9:35 - Purpose and audience of the book
  • 11:00 - Our polarized movement; who has the inside track on explaining and articulating the Reformed faith; too many Calvinist authorities
  • 14:47 - Clarification on Calvinistic brands
  • 16:15 - Did we blow the Rob Bell situation?
  • 29:06 - Theological accountability and Gospel Coalition
  • 31:42 - Fault lines in Calvinism

There is lots of interesting food for thought in this podcast!

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