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CK25 - Interview with Conrad Mbewe

425This week’s episode of the Connected Kingdom Podcast features an interview with Conrad Mbewe, pastor of Kabwata Reformed Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. It’s not unusual to hear Pastor Mbewe described as the African Spurgeon. He is in the United States at the moment, sharing his vision for an exciting new venture, African Christian University. And we were able to get him on the phone during one of his stops.

We talked to Pastor Mbewe about himself and his family, about the state of the church in Africa in general and Zambia in particular, about African Christian University, and about ways in which the Western church can serve (and not hinder) the church in Zambia. So here we have a Canadian, a Scot and a Zambian talking together before a largely American audience. I guess that’s just a little glimpse, a shadow, of what God is doing in calling to himself people from all nations, tribes and tongues! I just hope your head doesn’t explode as you try to sort out all of the accents.

You can (and should!) learn more about African Christian University and their 425 campagin at acu-usa.com. And here is brief video in which Pastor Mbewe discusses the institution.

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