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Connected Kingdom Podcast, Episode 5

And here is episode 5 of the Connected Kingdom podcast. This week I do the long-awaited interview with my co-host David Murray. Most of you do not know very much about David so I thought it would be valuable to you to learn a little bit about him now that he has become a weekly presence here at the blog. In this episode I talk to him about his life in Scotland, about his call to the ministry and about how he ended up moving to Grand Rapids. I was blessed to hear his story and I know you will be too.

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And one final note: I have not gotten a whole lot of feedback from you, the readers of Challies.com. I’d love to hear from you about how (or if) you are enjoying these podcasts. I know that most of you are accustomed to reading the content of this blog rather than listening to it. I’d love to hear whether you are enjoying these podcasts, what topics you’d like us to cover, what kind of guests you’d like us to have, and so on.