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Humble Beginnings

I know that there are far more who read this web site than listen to the podcasts. Well and good. But today I want to encourage you to listen in to this one; it’s just 20 minutes or so but along the way our guest shares some things that I’m convinced will be a blessing to you.

In this week’s podcast we speak to a man who helped begin an amazing ministry. Jeff Anderson, working through International Bible Conference, helps train pastors from around the world. From very humble beginnings this organization has grown to the point where they are now leading conferences in Africa with 5,000 pastors attending, many of whom have no training and no Bible. Each of these pastors is exposed to sound doctrine, learns the value of expositional preaching and walks away with a Bible. In this interview Jeff shares some of the ways God has worked through this small organization, drawing people to himself (saving hundreds of pastors in one of the conferences!) and grounding thousands of pastors in the truth of the Word. I was encouraged to hear about it and I know you will be too.

You can learn more about International Bible Conference at internationalbibleconference.org. Here is just a short snippet from one of their reports:

The Pastor’s Conference emphasized “family,” teaching mostly from Ephesians 5. Again, hundreds professed faith in Christ and thousands were encouraged and strengthened by sound doctrine and expository preaching. Over 8000 copies of the MacArthur Study Bible were received with indescribable joy and commitment. Two pictures describe it best: after running to receive the Bible, pastors lifted both hands toward heaven and knelt in an open field giving thanks!

Imagine 8000 voices resounding with upraised Bible in hand, “I will study the Word. I will obey the Word. I will preach the Word!” Alleluia! The shout of praise shook the earth!

Much of what encourages me about this ministry is simply its humble beginnings and low profile. This is not an effort brought about by a major international ministry, but one carried on by a single local church that simply seeks to obey God. It’s a beautiful thing!

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