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Podcast: Reading and Understanding Isaiah

As you know by now, David Murray and I are taking a course together and have invited others to participate with us. Well over 1,200 people had signed up as of last week and we’ve now begun to work our way through R.C. Sproul’s course on the Old Testament prophets and wisdom literature. We are supplementing this course with our Connected Kingdom Podcast.

This week we answer some of the questions that have arisen about Elijah and Isaiah. David does most of the heavy-lifting since he is, after all, the professor of Old Testament. I chime in to offer some suggestions on how to gather resources that will guide you through the reading of any book of the Bible. Along the way I refer to an amazing testimony of the Lord’s grace in one man’s life. You can find it here: The Revival of a Rebel Jew.

If you would like to take this course with us, there is still a short time to join in. Simply click here and join the version of the course led by David and me. Have the first, second and third lesson completed by March 18 and you’ll be right there with us. And in the meantime, give the podcast a quick listen.