A La Carte (01/18)

Wednesday January 18, 2006

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Marriage: A friend passed along an interesting article on a Dutch cohabitation contract, which many perceive to be the first step in legalizing polygamous marriages.

Book: Oprah Winfrey has decreed that Elie Wiesel’s Night “should be required reading for all humanity.”

Quote: ““The movie associates homosexuality with nature – magnificent mountains, big sky, clear blue water, teeming forests – as contrasted with the constraints of a tacky, empty civilization. But whether you are a creationist or a Darwinist, having children and struggling to survive are what’s “natural.” Leaving your family for escapist, sterile sex is literally “unnatural.”” (Gene Ed Veith)

Blogspotting: Several people have commented on their blogs about The End of the Spear. Among them are: Boarsheadtavern, John Divito (who seems to misunderstand me and says my solution is “Boycott! We must not support this movie!”) and Ken Fields.

Quote Bonus: “Do you know how hard it is to sleep while a baby is hiccupping inside of you?” (My wife, last night at 10:30 PM)