A La Carte (01/27)

Friday January 27, 2006

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Politics: Ron Gleason discusses illegal immigration. “I would also like to reach my fellow-countrymen and convince them that illegal immigration is one of the highest priority items for our national security. Our attitudes towards it defy common sense and reasonableness. You have to wonder if it’s actually going to take another devastating strike by terrorists against our country before we will come to our senses.”

Reading: Al Mohler posts some thoughts on the reading of books. I got a laugh out of this: “C.J., I took books to high school athletic events when I played in the band. [Heap coals of scorn and nerdliness here.] I remember the books — do you remember the games? “

Du Jour: Nathan Casebolt reflects on the testimony of a man he met while working at the church. The man’s story caused him to wonder what his legacy will be.

Emergent: Mark Driscoll has a harsh, irreverent and somewhat rude reply to Brian McLaren’s non-position on homosexuality. This post summarizes both what I admire about Driscoll and what makes me uncomfortable – he speaks the truth but is often a tad rude and irreverent.