A La Carte (02/10)

Friday February 10, 2006

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Review: Reid doesn’t have a review of The Cross Centered Life. But he urges you to buy it anyways (or Living the Cross Centered Life which you may as well buy instead).

Sports: Fanball has a “Rotisserie Baseball” how-to guide. I’ve always thought Roto looked like fun but haven’t ever invested the time in figuring it all out. Maybe next year…

Du Jour: Mike reflects on the recent pastor’s conference at FBC Jacksonville and the retirement of Jerry Vines. “I was struck that this moment in time, this era coming to a close was, indeed, something for the ages: the synonymy of a Spurgeon, or an Edwards, or a Moody era coming to a close.”

Theology: John Samson of Reformation Theology briefly examines three interpretations of 1 Timothy 4:10: the Universalist, the Arminian and the Reformed.