A La Carte (02/20)

Monday February 20, 2006

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History: Rick has delved into an old history book and discovered the truth behind the Protestant Reformation.

Du Jour: C.J. Mahaney has a winning article over at Together for the Gospel’s blog. Having heard about the reading and studying habits of men like Dever, Mohler and Duncan he says, “…I find it both inspiring and discouraging. I am inspired to read more and discouraged as I consider how little I’ve read and how much there is to read” But C.J. is here for the rest of us, “representing all those who are just average. Average intellectually, average in gifting — come to think of it, average in just about everything. And that’s on a good day.”

Tribute: Doug McHone has posted a stirring tribute to a pillar of his church. “Death has claimed a great man of the faith this morning, but the sting of death is no more. It is a real paradox that we can rejoice when one has ended their labors to be with the Lord, and yet be sorrowful to witness the wages of sin in one that we love.”

Health: Yahoo gives us the scoop on toilet seat covers. “Because toilet seats are not major culprits in spreading disease, paper or plastic seat covers offer little more than peace of mind.” I think the peace of mind is worth it.