A La Carte (02/27)

Monday February 27, 2006

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Theology: The theology wiki Theopedia is continuing to grow and mature. It is a good, though not infallible, resource for questions of church history, Bible study and theology.

Video: National Geographic posts their top ten videos of 2005. While I did not watch them all, those I saw were simply amazing. It’s too bad that National Geographic can’t see God in nature!

Olympics They are over, thankfully. But before they wrapped up, Cindy Klassen, whom I wrote about late last week, won a fifth medal, a bronze in the 5000 meters long track speed skating. She now becomes the most-decorated Canadian athlete in Olympic history.

Theology Bonus: There is some interesting discussion happening at the Together for the Gospel blog. Mark Dever is asked Ligon Duncan about Presbyterian church membership and they are questioning whether Calvinists are better evangelists than Arminians.