A La Carte (03/10)

Friday March 10, 2006

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Request: John Hendryx, of Monergism fame, is seeking help with a potential redesign of his flagship site, Monergism.com. “Monergism.com is due for a major overhaul. We are writing to ask for your advice about going forward in the functionality of the website.”

Music: The Red Letters Project dedicates 2 CDs and 34 tracks to set the entire book of Matthew, word-for-word, to rock music. You can listen here.

Blogging: In honor of his 1000th post, Jollyblogger reflects a little bit on the blessings of blogging.

Liveblogging Brian Thornton is doing a great job of semi-liveblogging the Ligonier Ministries Conference right here at Challies Dot Com. If you haven’t been reading it, you might find it interesting. You can find it here. Proceed down to the comments area.