A La Carte (05/29)

Monday May 29, 2006

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Books: “Christianity Today” has released their list of Book Award recipients for 2006. I read 120 books last year and did not manage to read a single one of the titles they awarded! So the question is, what have I been reading all this time?

Humor: Allan, a commenter at this site, upon learning that John Piper believes he will be greeted in heaven by his dog asks: “I knew a dog that had SEVEN good masters. – Now WHICH will masterwill he greet in the resurrection!!!!????”

Sports: Canada is the new Australia: a place for criminals and cast-offs. We even attract the banned football players such as Ricky Williams who will play this year for the Toronto Argonauts. The good news for Ricky is that his pot habit will only cost him a ticket up here!

Audio: Aaron Shafovaloff has linked to some John Piper audio files that you have probably not heard in the past.