A La Carte (08/28)

Monday August 28, 2006

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Theology: Tom Ascol of the Founders organization is one of many bloggers to comment on the recent issue of Christianity Today which featured an article on Calvinism. I really ought to try to find a copy of that one…

Abortion: A woman in China has caused a ruckus by having her baby aborted at six months because of a cleft palate. It seems to me that a day is coming when only Christians will continue to give birth to “flawed” babies.

Emergent: Justin Taylor has a roundup of articles from the latest issue of the IX Marks newsletter which deals with the emerging church.

Weird: Mark has dug up information about a new cowboy church in North Carolina. “Instead of suits, ties and wing tipped shoes, they will be wearing blue jeans, big belt buckles and cowboy boots and instead of a fancy baptism pool, the Cowboy Church will baptize their converts in a horse trough!”