A La Carte (08/31)

Thursday August 31, 2006

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Devotions: Erik Raymond, aka Irish Calvinist, has posted a helpful article with suggestions about how to have a meaningful time of family devotions. “Many men struggle in the area of family devotions. It is kind of like evangelism, we know we have to do it but it is the doing it that is the problem.”

Prayer: Amy’s daughter Rachel could use our prayers! “Rebekah, was taken to the hospital today at 2 p.m. Her symptoms include excessive vomiting, chills, hallucinations, and a fever of 105.4 (taken under her arm).”

Weird: I don’t recall if I posted this already: “Escaped Labrador dies after pastor fends off attack.” The dog was beaten off (i.e. stabbed) by none other than Ron Gleason who used to guest blog here.

Blogspotting: “Light Along the Journey” has an embarrasingly kind “review” of my web site.