A La Carte (09/15)

Friday September 15, 2006

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Church: Mark Driscoll has written an excellent article about Church Smith Jr. and Sr., using the rift in their relationship to encapsulate the wider rift between generations of evangelicals.

Weird: Is your dog zen? If not, you’ll no doubt want to get him some zen dog treats. “ZenPuppy Treats are formulated with specific herbs, botanicals, and other natural ingredients to help promote your dog’s wellness; Beauty, Energy, Smarty, Agile, and Peace.”

Music: I’m still listening to that new Jars of Clay album. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should give it a listen. Alternatively, you could watch the video for one of the songs.

Driscoll: So many people are writing about Driscoll, I’ll just give him his own category. Thabiti Anyabwile has jumped on the bandwagon affirming his respect for the guy. I think. “In the immortal words of Snoop… Mark Drizzle is the schnizzle. That’s my nizzle. Wes’ side!”