A La Carte (09/25)

Monday September 25, 2006

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Blogging: On Saturday I went to a blogger’s lunch not too far from here. Someone there mistook me for Frank Turk which seemed to delight James White. Anyways, Carla Rolfe has details and a bunch of pictures. I’d like to point out that, though I’m not smiling in the picture of Carla and myself, I gave it a try. Her husband couldn’t figure out the camera and I could only hold a smile for so long. As soon as I let it go, he snapped the picture. So it’s his fault, not mine!

Calvinism: Tom Ascol mentions a Lifeway survey which concludes that 10% of Southern Baptist pastors consider themselves 5-point Calvinists.

Eschatology: Justin Taylor pointed to some interesting charts that help explain the various ways of understanding the end times.

Weird: Want your child to fall asleep to the sweet strains of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica? Now he can with Rockabye Baby, a new series of lullabye albums.