A La Carte (10/26)

Thursday October 26, 2006

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Technology: Following on the heels of Internet Explorer 7.0, comes Firefox 2.0. I am waiting to download it until I can see if my browser extensions will work with it. For those interested, you can get it here.

Books: Matt Perry is requesting help in supplying books to Trinidadian pastors. “You can help in this endeavor. I have set up an Amazon.com wishlist where you can log on and buy a book that will be shipped here, and then we shall take it on to Trinidad to give as a gift.”

Technology: Bob Kauflin has some wise and interesting words about the iPod. “The iPod is like any five year old. It can bring great joy to your life, but it’s a good idea to keep a close watch on it.”

Entertainment: How is this for seedy entertainment? A new show is seeking America’s sexiest moms. “When you see a woman in her early 40s at the supermarket with a little kid and some super-low-rise jeans, she might be better looking than your 22-year-old girlfriend,” executive producer Jeff Greenfield said. “Your girlfriend looks good because she’s young. The 40-year-old looks good because she works at it. And that’s hot.” FoxNews has more.