A La Carte (11/15)

One of my favorite Aussies of all-time has arrived in Toronto for a couple of months. He’s a reader of this site who, a couple of years ago, sent an email saying, “I’m coming to Toronto. Can we meet up when I’m in town?” We met for lunch and hit it off. He ended up staying with us for a bit and sticking around the church for a month or two. Great guy–the best guy I’ve ever met from Kurri Kurri, Australia…not that that’s saying a whole lot.

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Sister Wives – Maryanne posted a good article about the new TLC show Sister Wives–a show that follows a polygamous Mormon family. It’s interesting to me that, culturally speaking, we really have no defense against polygamy (based on all the other things our society accepts and celebrates).

What the Bible Got Wrong – Matt Perman has some good thoughts on Fast Company’s recent article “What the Bible Got Wrong.” Every few years someone dredges up an old list of Bible contradictions and presents it as if Christians have never thought about this stuff before. Sigh.

Words Added To & Removed from the NIV – John Dyer has a couple of interesting wordles looking at the words added to the new NIV and subtracted from the old one. If you ignore the “the”, the main things you can see are that a lot of “him,” “he,” and “his” have been changed to “they,” “their,” and “people.”

The Brutal Decline of Yahoo – Remember when Yahoo was the place to go online? That seems a long time ago. This infographic traces their precipitous decline.

Classic Petra – For old school Christian rock fans, Petra has reunited with one of their “classic” lineups and their new album is available for digital download as of today. It’s largely re-recorded tracks from the Volz era.

The People’s Buddhism – OMF has a video discussing folk Buddhism–a more realistic display of Buddhism than what we see/hear through Hollywood celebrities. Warning: there are some graphic images of self-torture.

I was but a pen in God’s hand, and what praise is due a pen? –John Bunyan