A La Carte (11/17)

Thursday November 17, 2005

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Gadget: InstaVerse looks like an interesting little browser plugin that will let you instantly see the actual Bible text for scripture references. Just point your mouse at a Scripture reference and the text pops up in your preferred translation!

Du Jour: I was quite taken with Amy’s article about “Why I like the garden.” “Why is it important that children make the connection between food and work? Because I want my children to accomplish all that God has called them to do in this life, and they can’t do that chasing peripherals”

Canadiana: The Canadian Liberal government is set to fall on November 28. Canadians will support the fall and then, no-doubt, re-elect the very same government based on the same false promises. It’s the Canadian way.

Heroes: Rebecca contends that Paul Bunyan was Canadian, and French Canadian at that. Look for a forthcoming article where she proves apple pie is a Mexican invention.