A La Carte (11/19)

The other day I noticed that a box of granola bars, the kind we always buy, mentioned that they now have fewer calories. I thought that was cool. But then I compared the new box to the old and saw how they had lowered the calories–they had simply made the granola bars 10% smaller. I guess they technically didn’t lie…

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Deeds Done in Darkness – WORLD writes about Sayed Mossa, a Christian who has been imprisoned for his faith in Afghanistan.

Christian Audio Twice Yearly Sale – ChristianAudio is having their twice yearly sale during which almost every item in their store is on sale at $7.49.

The Six-Second Kiss – Jani Ortlund with a word for the wives: “What can six seconds do for you? Woman to woman, let me encourage you that just six seconds a day can help safeguard your marriage.”

Class Warfare – Here’s a history of economy class and first class on airplanes. In all my traveling I’ve never once experienced anything but economy. Some day I’ll get the lucky upgrade.

Using the Seven Deadly Sins – Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for web designers, has an interesting article here in which they encourage designers to use the seven deadly sins to turn visitors into customers. I see this as a bit of a statement on our human nature.

The iPhone I Can’t Keep in My Pants – I am coming across a lot of articles like this one in which Dave Pell writes about the Giants’ World Series parade: “Along with thousands of others — including the players themselves — I captured some digital snapshots, but missed the moment. We walk around with what seems like infinite access in our pockets and yet we often experience our lives through two-inch screens.”

Cell Phones and Cancer – And while we’re on the subject of cell phones, the Times writes about how little we really know about the relation between cell phones and cancer. For example, it’s interesting to note that “the legal departments of cellphone manufacturers slip a warning about holding the phone against your head or body into the fine print of the little slip that you toss aside when unpacking your phone.”

We must never imagine that the existence of love and wrath in the same nature is evidence of a split personality, but only evidence that God is greater than can be grasped in our finite logic. –J.A. Motyer