A La Carte (11/25)

Well, happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends. This is one of those days where I feel like I’m the only one out here on the Internet. I trust you all have better ways to be spending your time today. I’m thankful for you and glad that you get to take a day to just express gratitude. I could really go for a slice of pumpkin pie today…

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Messages from R.C. Sproul – Speaking of Thanksgiving, here are a couple of appropriate messages from R.C. Sproul that Ligonier has made available for free.

ScrollTag – This looks like an interesting software package, designed to enable users to organize all of their notes, markings and tags on Biblical texts. It’s available for PC, Linux and Mac.

Does Black Friday Save You Money? – This article from Intuit looks at some of the hidden costs of Black Friday shopping…and then suggests that Cyber Monday is a worthwhile alternative.

The Things He Carried – I came across this article yesterday and thought it relevant to the airport security discussion that has come about since new measured were imposed on November 1. It shows quite conclusively, I think, that there is a large element of show about airport security.

The Christian is suspended between blessings received and blessings hoped for, so he should always give thanks. –M.R. Vincent