A La Carte (11/7)


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Influence and Truth – Erik Raymond has some good reflections on influence and truth. “On the one side folks want to limit their full affirmation and support of a teacher and ministry to those within their ‘tribe’ (referring to people just like them). Others, resisting this, build a big tent and welcome as many people in there as they can.”

Why You Judge “Prostitutes” – Heartbreaking. “One of the most common questions I get about sex-trafficking is, ‘But don’t some of the women in the sex industry choose that lifestyle?’ I know at that point the questioner’s knowledge of the sex-industry comes from Pretty Woman and other glamorized entertainment (including billboards & ads, no matter how air-brushed they are).”

Piper on Pastors’ Pay – One of the things I most admire about Piper is his handling of money and this interview covers some of that. (Though, of course, this is a matter of wisdom and preference, not the one and only way to do it).

Whatever Happened to Bible Study? – I actually think plain old Bible study is making a comeback, but I did appreciate the reminder in this article: There is a lot of value in simply studying God’s Word together (without a curriculum to follow).

Quote Graphics – Several people have asked me where they can find the graphics I am sharing day-by-day. You can find them all at my Pinterest account and are free to use or share them however you see fit.

How Long – I really enjoyed this song (from William Cowper) and the treatment by Wayfarer / Pacific Gold. You can get it on their sampler at NoiseTrade.

A man can no more extract blessedness out of sin than he can suck health out of poison. —Thomas Watson