A La Carte (12/1)

An Interview with Michael Horton
Over at the Ligonier blog Burk Parsons is interviewing Michael Horton (who declares that he does not read any blogs–maybe that is the secret to his productivity). Part two of the interview reveals that Horton was only a teenager when he wrote the first version of Putting Amazing Back Into Grace, a long-time favorite book of mine.

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The Esse of Reformed
Michael Haykin looks at what it means to be Reformed and whether Baptists can properly qualify.

The Costs of Medical Care
Thomas Sowell: “We are incessantly being told that the cost of medical care is “too high”– either absolutely or as a growing percentage of our incomes. But nothing that is being proposed by the government is likely to lower those costs, and much that is being proposed is almost certain to increase the costs.”

Tim Keller Wants to Save Your Yuppie Soul
The New Yorker has a feature on Tim Keller. “The evangelical Christian preacher says the secular holy trinity of money, ambition, and achievement is the root of all evil. So why are so many New Yorkers flocking to him?”

Pray for Matt Chandler
Keep Matt Chandler in your prayers: “I have a small mass In my frontal lobe,” Matt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas, wrote on his Twitter feed. “[I have a date] with the neurosurgeon early next week.”