A La Carte (1/21)

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about ready for a weekend. And it’s almost here…

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The Cult of the Moleskine – This news story (a few years old) talks about the Moleskine notebook (which I always first misspell as “mokeskine”) and its Internet-fueled tipping point. I love my Moleskines as much as the next guy.

How Twitter Made Handwriting Cool – On a similar note, here’s an article about how Twitter has made handwriting cool. Every time I’ve tried to replace a journal or notepad with an online version, I’ve eventually gone back to paper and ink.

$5 Fridays – Ligonier has some good deals today (especially on R.C. Sproul teaching series’) in their $5 Fridays.

A Curious Biography – Here’s another article about Metaxas’ biography of Bonhoeffer. This article is also written by a scholar, but he is a little less negative than some have been. He does include this one harsh critique, though: “[Metaxas] seems far more interested in promoting his work instead of proving it.”

JFK’s Speech – An article from the BBC explains why JFK’s most famous speech remains a model, 50 years later.

Email Etiquette for the Super-Busy – This article offers some very useful tips on using email well, especially in a business context.

Fasting is calculated to bring a note of urgency and importance into our praying, and to give force to our pleading in the court of heaven. The man who prays with fasting is giving heaven notice that he is truly in earnest. –Arthur Wallis