A La Carte (12/26)

Monday December 26, 2005

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Boxing Day: Today is Boxing Day in Canada. This means that Canadians are lining up outside the big box electronic stores much the same way as Americans do the day after Thanksgiving, though the sales are usually not nearly as good. Do American stores have sales today?

Religion of Peace: A father in Pakistan killed four of his daughters after the eldest married against his wishes. I wonder what religion he could have been part of? Surely not the Religion of Peace

Christmas: Carolyn McCulley has a quirky meditation on the first Christmas. She wants to know what happened to the shepherds’ sheep.

Theology: John Samson points out, correctly of course, that the doctrine of hell is under attack from within the church as much as without. He suggests we all study the doctrine of hell and provides a brief essay to help kick start us.