A La Carte (12/26)

Tuesday December 26, 2006

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Entertainment: This is just terrible news. The comic strip Foxtrot is switching to a Sunday-only format. I’ve been reading it daily for years and years now. The days just won’t be the same…

Books: It’s too late for Christmas, but maybe someone in your life would still appreciate this, a Bruce Wilkinson surprise pack. Or not.

Shopping: Last week Amazon was offering this million dollar bracelet at 50% off. You do the math. The customer reviews are hilarious and well worth reading.

Weird: Too lazy to bend over to make snowballs? Why not try this little gadget.

Weird: This is a strange one. A British woman with two wombs gave birth to triplets, two from one womb and one from the other.

Blogs: Clearly burdened by guilt at having one of the least updated blogs in the blogosphere, the men of Together for the Gospel promise great things in ’07. Sounds good to me!