A La Carte (12/29)

Thursday December 29, 2005

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Family: Our journey home from Atlanta began at 4:58 AM yesterday morning and ended at 8:02 PM for a travel time of 15 hours and 4 minutes. Not too bad. We were thankful for your prayers, especially as we drove through some very heavy downpours.

Du Jour: Dan at RoofGuy posts his mother’s reflections on the death of her husband. “But through it all God has been so good, He has been faithful, He has been true, He has been loving.”

Technology: A major study shows that there are significant differences in the way men and women use the Internet. “Women are catching up to men in most measures of online life. Men like the internet for the experiences it offers, while women like it for the human connections it promotes.”

Sports: This Sunday Shaun Alexander will try to break the NFL record for most touchdowns in a season. I think I like his chances…