A La Carte (12/3)


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5 Signs You Glorify Yourself – Paul Tripp: “It is important to recognize the harvest of self-glory in you and in your ministry. May God use this list to give you diagnostic wisdom. May he use it to expose your heart and to redirect your ministry.”

Why You Just Yawned – This article isn’t a yawn, but you’ll probably find yourself yawning as you read it.

The Beauty of Faithful Suffering – “I knock on the door expectantly. My friend Debbie greets me in sweatpants that hang loosely on her diminishing frame. Her face is slightly paler than the last time I saw her, and soft peach fuzz graces the top of her head. She is the most beautiful woman I know.”

When It Costs To Be Complementarian – “World magazine has a report about Daniel Harman, the leader of the University of Louisville chapter of Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade). The long and short of it is this. Cru recently relieved Daniel of his duties because of his complementarian approach to campus ministry.”

Depravity and Sanctification – Last week I linked to Richard Phillips’ response to an article Tullian Tchividjian wrote on sanctification. Ligon Duncan also offers a response.

Desktop Wallpaper – In case you missed it on Saturday, here is this month’s beautiful desktop wallpaper calendar.

If a man turns from sin without turning to God, he will find his sin has only changed its name and is hidden behind his pride. –Jim Elliff