A La Carte (1/24)

In just a few minutes I’m going to head to Toronto Pastors Fellowship, where several local pastors will be discussing the pastor and prayer. Sounds both interesting and informative.

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In His Own Words – Dr. Mohler lets President Obama describe his own position on abortion. “When Barack Obama was running for President, he was described by some observers as one of the most radical candidates in the nation’s history, in terms of support for abortion. Once in office, President Obama has done little to dispel that judgment.”

Wait for God – Mark Altrogge on why it’s good to wait on God.

Give Us Men – I enjoyed this article written by my friend Ian. He writes about defending his complementarian beliefs and finding surprise in those who share such beliefs.

Most-Searched Bible Verses – Collin Hansen looks at the most-searched Bible verses and asks what’s missing.

Cyber Skepticism – I know I’ve posted quite a few articles like this one recently; I continue to do so because I find them quite fascinating.

Memoirs & Remains – DG and Logos has partnered to offer you a free copy of Memoirs and Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne.

Did You Read? – This video, though only a commericial, does a good job at making fun of our mile-wide and inch-deep knowledge today.

The call to Christian commitment is not basically a call to enjoy happiness but to endure hardness. –John Blanchard