A La Carte (12/5)

How Love Wins Led to Bell’s Departure – Based on a recent article in The New Yorker, the Christian Post explains how Rob Bell’s book Love Wins led to his departure from Mars Hill.

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Visualizing Birth and Death Rates – This is a little bit morbid, I guess, but an interesting look at just how many people are being born and how many people are dying in America.

Fall JBMW – The fall edition of the Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has just been released (for free online). So too has the new edition of Themelios.

Guarding Sabbath for Children – Jen Wilkin writes about the importance of guarding children’s rest. “While I admire the high school guidance counselors’ optimism, age 14 is probably too late to start imposing boundaries on our child’s rest habits and schedule. We need a plan, and we need it early. How will we safeguard for our families the key Sabbath concepts of rest, worship, and community? Here are a few suggestions that have helped our family to honor God in our rest.”

How People Change – J.D. Greear found an interesting article in the New York Times. It discusses how people do and do not change their behavior.

Hope for the Hurting – Here’s a video of John Piper reading his poem The Innkeeper.

A wife who is 85% faithful to her husband is not faithful at all. There is no such thing as part-time loyalty to Jesus Christ. –Vance Havner