A La Carte (1/26)

It’s always around this time, when there are just a few days left in the month, that I scratch my head and wonder where the time has gone. How did it get to be the 26th so quickly? It’s amazing to me.

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A 90-Minute Plan – “For nearly a decade now, I’ve begun my workdays by focusing for 90 minutes, uninterrupted, on the task I decide the night before is the most important one I’ll face the following day. After 90 minutes, I take a break.”

Blank Bible Project – Here’s a walk-through for making your own blank Bible.

Don’t Call it a Comeback – Kevin DeYoung has a post today about the book he and I contributed to called Don’t Call it a Comeback. I write (briefly) about why I wrote what I wrote.

Social Television – This article dicusses how television may return to its roots and become a social medium.

Christians Get Depressed Too – Wes Bredenhof has a review of David Murray’s book Christians Get Depressed Too.

Is God Disappointed? – David Powlison answers the question of whether God is disappointed in us when we sin. (HT:JT)

I have no more right as a Christian to allow a bad temper to dwell in me that I have to allow the devil himself to dwell there. –C.H. Spurgeon