A La Carte (1/28)

I realized yesterday that there are three kinds of stores that I am pretty much incapable of walking past without stopping in to check them out: bakeries, book stores and stationery stores. I just can’t help myself.

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Facebook Makes us Sad – “Journalist Libby Copeland speculates that Facebook might ‘have a special power to make us sadder and lonelier.’ How can this be, though, when Facebook is generally so, well, happy, brimming with smiling faces and beautiful families? Well, that’s just the point.”

The Truth About Facebook – Speaking of Facebook, here’s a humorous look at the truth about Facebook.

Fifty Fruits of Pride – Here is a self-diagnostic that ought to warn you of the seriousness of pride.

Pastors, Seminary and Staff Requirements – This is an interesting study by Ed Stetzer. It shows that pastors value their own theological education very differently than they view the education of others.

What Are You Looking For? – Jonathan Leeman looks at some good reasons to look for a church (based on a book he wrote on that very thing).

The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity – Clever.

Bermuda Triangle

And finally, a quote that seems appropriate as we head into a weekend:

Recreation is not the highest kind of enjoyment, but in its time and place is quite as proper as prayer. –S.I. Prime