A La Carte (2/20)

Wednesday February 20, 2008

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Wisp of Whimsy
Here is further proof that everyone in my family is artistic except for me. This is my cousin’s little online store where she sells some really neat works of art. I, meanwhile, have no artistic talent whatsoever.

Eternal Subordination of the Son
CBMW’s blog is discussing the Eternal Subordination of the Son–a topic that is more important than it may sound.

Interview Clips
Cindy Swanson recently interviewed me and has posted several clips from the interview on her blog.

A New Window on Autism
My wife found an interesting story about a girl with autism who is challenging the conventional notions of autism, demonstrating emotional skills that lay hidden for years, until one day, a computer helped her reveal to the world what it’s like to have her condition.