A La Carte (2/22)

Thanks to all who viewed and shared the trailer for my book yesterday. It is much appreciated.

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Nigerian Religious Junk – Conrad Mbewe: “Nation after nation reported on the arrival of ‘Nigerian religious junk’ that was changing the landscape of what there once was of evangelicalism. One or two of the countries were blessed exceptions. Evidently, this junk originated from mega-churches in the USA and then found ready soil in West Africa, and especially in Nigeria. Having given it an African flavour, it is now being exported across Africa at a phenomenal rate.”

Love Your Wife More Than Seminary – The current issue of Towers has a good article for seminarians. “Nothing will throw off your gradu- ation date like a divorce. Does a husband’s subjective call to ministry relativize his objective, biblical command to love his wife? Regardless of how I might have answered this question in a theologi- cal paper, the true answer of my heart was exposed by my actions. “

Baptizing Small Children – Trevin Wax offers some advice and guidelines for baptizing small children.

Billy Ray Knows Best – The National Review looks at Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray.

Mario Kart – This video gave me a laugh (since my wife and kids love Mario Kart). (HT:KD)

The devil has more knowledge than any of us, and yet is no better for it. –J.C. Ryle