A La Carte (3/9)

Inside the World of Obama’s Secret Service – “In the 13 months that Barack Obama has been the occupant of the Oval Office he has been the subject of an extraordinary outpouring of emotion from the American electorate. At the start it was largely adulatory, though more recently the adoration has been drowned out by a cacophony of criticism from tea party activists, birthers, global-warming deniers and viewers of Fox News. At the same time, largely hidden from view, there has been a layer of antagonism towards Obama that lies well beyond the boundaries of reasonable political debate.”

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The More You Multitask – Matt Perman discusses the perils of multitasking. “Multitasking, in short, is not only not thinking, it impairs your ability to think. Thinking means concentrating on one thing long enough to develop an idea about it.”

Grant Repentance -This week in Monday with Mounce, Bill Mounce looks at 2 Timothy 2:25. “Paul tells Timothy that he must stay away from senseless controversies, not be quarrelsome but rather kind, patiently enduring evil. Paul is thinking specifically of how Timothy should deal with the false teachers at Ephesus, men that I have argued in my commentary are the Ephesian church leadership.”

Canada Loves Hockey – I got a laugh out of this, a chart tracking water consumption during the gold medal hockey game.

Pillar Commentary Sale
This is the last day you can take advantage of Westminster Books’ sale on the excellent Pillar Commentary series (edited by D.A. Carson). They have the brand new Hebrews volume in stock. Buy two of the commentaries and you’ll get a further 10% off any others you buy. This is a good time to stock up on the series while it is still young and you don’t have too many volumes to catch up with.