A La Carte (4/24)

The Hunger Games – With tongue in cheek, Wes Bredenhof pens what he calls the definitive Christian review of The Hunger Games. While it may not be definitive, I think he makes some interesting points.

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Monergism Books – Monergism has a pretty good selection of new and not-so-new books available at a deep discount (50% or greater).

A Strange Thing – Julian writes about the strange vocation that is pastoral ministry. 

When to Flee Your Church – Trevin Wax wrote recently about not being to hasty to leave your church. Today he circles back around and suggests times when it is well and good to leave.

The Whole Big Story – I’ve been enjoying Kristen Gilles’ new EP The Whole Big Story. It releases today and is available for free (or donation) at Noisetrade.

Live Wire – You’d have to pay me an awful lot to do this job.

When we have given God all we have and are, we have simply given him his own. –William Plumer