A La Carte (4/3)

Thursday April 3, 2008

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Train with Trill Together
If you’re ready to get in shape, Trillia wants to help. She’s going to be leading people like me in getting out and getting active. Click for information.

Nathan Smith is trying to gather all of the UK attendees at T4G. If you are from the UK and are going to be at the conference, click to connect with him.

Let Them Know or Let it Go?
John MacArthur offers an article on when to confront and when to let something go.

The Problem with Baseball
Salaries are getting out of control. “Boosted by his new deal with the New York Yankees, A-Rod tops the major league baseball salary list at $28 million, according to a study of contract terms by The Associated Press. The 33 players on the Marlins’ opening-day roster and disabled list total $21.8 million.”