A La Carte (5/25)

Speaking with Contempt  – Tim Keller has some wise words on leadership and contempt. “It is natural, when under criticism, to shield your heart from pain by belittling the critics in your mind. ‘You stupid idiots.’ Even if you don’t speak outwardly to people like Moses did, you do so inwardly.  That will lead to self-absorption, self-pity, maybe even delusions of grandeur, but the great sin is that the growth of inner disdain leads to pride and a loss of humble reliance on God’s grace.”

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The Next Story – Aaron Armstrong has written a review of The Next Story.

The End of the Book – An article to read and enjoy if you read and enjoy books. “Like swords, books have symbolic power. Like fireplaces, they induce a sense of comfort and warmth. And, perhaps, similar to sails, they make a useful backup for when the lights go out.”

So What About Masturbation? – This is a useful take on what is always an important topic (and one people are genuinely seeking answers for). “When thinking about a biblical view of masturbation, we first need to acknowledge that there is no Bible verse that says masturbation is a sin. However, there are several biblical principles that can guide us in assessing a biblical view of masturbation.”

Gambling – Phil Johnson writes about gambling and deals with some of the red herrings that often derail good discussion on the topic.

Wrestling with an Angel – Greg Lucas speaks about what’s right with his disabled son. (Click here to find out more about Greg’s book)

Satan, like a fisher, baits his hook according to the appetite of the fish. –Thomas Adams