A La Carte (6/14)

Mark Driscoll Interviews the Grudems – I enjoyed this interview between Mark Driscoll and Wayne and Margaret Grudem. Mark asks them questions related to their marriage.

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Technology’s Negative Impact on Missions – This is worth thinking about in terms of the impact of technology on missions.

Geek Dad – Has anyone checked out this book? It looks like The Dangerous Book for Boys…for Dads. It claims to offer “Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share.” That sounds like a fun book for summer.

Firefighters Are for Weak People – Dave Dorr: “Recently a firefighter in our church was told by one of his colleagues that belief in Jesus was for weak people. I found that ironic coming from a firefighter.” Read why…

Embodying What They Hate – This article makes a good and valid point about the New Atheists. “Atheists remain a tiny minority, but they’re far more vocal and combative than they used to be, an approach advocated by Dawkins and others. They have every right to state their views. The irony is that this current brand of aggressive atheism is just another form of fundamentalism. These particular atheists are zealots on the subject of faith who see no shadings of gray, only black and white. They’re dead-set against religion but weirdly obsessed with it.”

Scenes from the Gulf – Sooner or later Boston.com was going to put together this photo essay.

Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible – Monergism Books is offering a 52% discount on the 5-volume Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible.