A La Carte (8/10)

Holy-wood’s Next Big Hits – Over the weekend USA Today ran an article about Christian movies (or Christians at the movies): “The next Blind Side may be Like Dandelion Dust, which opens nationwide in September. Mira Sorvino and Barry Pepper star in this wrenching adoption story in which no one prays, no one mentions Jesus by name, no one converts. But the millions of readers who scoop up every title from evangelical novelist Karen Kingsbury will recognize Like Dandelion Dust immediately as one of her many best sellers.”

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Ease off the Facebook – TIME briefly discusses a new study that seeks to measure how much people access social media from work and also seeks to measure how much that costs their companies. It’s interesting to note as well the resistance that happens when companies seek to block Facebook and other similar sites. What right do any of us have to access Facebook on our employer’s time?

Ditch the Guilt – Here’s a heartwarming article in which the author writes about how it’s in everyone’s best interests if new mothers return to the work force as soon as possible. Children are better off being raised by professionals, don’t you know.

A Masterpiece – I reserve the right to post the occasional article about the Blue Jays. A couple of days ago Brandon Morrow pitched one of the most dominating games ever and here the Jays’ beat reporter breaks it down a little. “According to Bill James’ formula, Morrow received a Game Score of 100 for his 17-strikeout, one-hit shutout of the Rays on Sunday. That not only is the highest of this season (Roy Halladay’s May 29 perfecto against the Marlins received a GSC of 98), but it was the fourth-best since 1920. It was the highest since Randy Johnson scored a 100 for his perfect game in 2004.”