A La Carte (8/14)

Thursday August 14, 2008

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The Works of Jonathan Edwards
The Bookstore at WSC has the works of Edwards on sale for a mere $25. You’re not likely to beat that price!

Red Mountain Church
T-Wax has an interview with Red Mountain Church, a group based in Birmingham, Alabama that takes old hymn texts and puts them to new music.

Discipling Christian Children
Rick Phillips has a good article on discipling Christian children.

Movabletype 4.2
Performancing has a roundup of news regarding the recent release of Movabletype 4.2. Bloggers may wish to take note.

Passion Church
Josh Harris shares some interesting news about Louie Giglio.

Why Children Lie
A good article from the Shepherd Press blog. “So when you hear your children lie, remember that one of the elements behind the lie is fear–fear of being exposed for who they really are. The answer, of course, is Christ.”